Roger Rekate of Advisor Ink Tells CPAS, Attorneys and Retirement Planners: It’s Time To Talk

Springfield, MO – March 6, 2013 – Think of all the things we could accomplish if lines of communication were open. We might have a budget in the U.S. Government, for one, and a chance at world peace, for another. What we would also have is a cohesive, rock-solid wealth management plan, according to Roger Rekate, CPA and CEO of Advisor Ink in Springfield, Missouri.

“They don’t communicate with each other,” Rekate says of attorneys and tax experts, even when they serve the same client and are key components of a holistic wealth management plan. One client who recently came to him had no less than three different brokerage accounts, and none of them knew what her total assets were.

“The CPAs are preparing forms, but not planning; brokers are just managing money and not looking at other strategies,” he says. For Rekate, it’s past time for everyone to start working together.

He built his firm, Advisor Ink, around an exclusive network of estate planning Attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals throughout the country. Together, they offer a full range of financial products and services, and have expertise in multiple areas. “We believe that tax planning strategies, retirement planning and estate conservation should be top priorities for individuals and families of all ages and income levels,” says Rekate, who has assembled the team to do all three.

Rekate gathers his team to talk about all the strategies that can be put in place to preserve and maximize the assets of each client. Attorneys take care of wills, trusts, and the legal matters of estate planning; CPAs ensure optimum tax efficiency; and other experts are brought in as needed, bringing with them ideas including tax deductible investment strategies and trades that might never have been thought of without them. Rekate calls it “comprehensive planning,” which he is uniquely suited to facilitate with a background in tax and real estate planning.

Working together, the team has succeeded in one of the toughest decades to hit the market. Rekate says, “My clients haven’t lost money with the insurance based products – I come at it from answering the questions: What are their needs in this marketplace? How do we get away from those risks?” Preserving the wealth Rekate’s clients have accumulated and helping them save on taxes are two of his top priorities. With the extreme volatility of the market and quickly changing tax laws, everyone needs a team of experts to plan their retirements.

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