Robert Russell’s Rise to the Top of the Wealth Management Game is Most Aptly Summed Up With One Word: Meteoric

Cincinnati, OH – April 16, 2013 – In only nine short years, Robert Russell, the second-generation wealth advisor has amassed an impressive list of clients and credentials. He often contributes to CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, and he also co-hosts “Retirement Rescue Radio” on 1290 AM and 95.7 FM WHIO.

After careful consideration and several conversations with his father (an accomplished CPA/Certified Fraud Examiner), he decided to launch the Ohio-based, Russell & Company. His Christian beliefs also instilled in him that affecting others in a positive way was the right choice.

One facet that truly sets Russell & Company apart is their comprehensive, top-to-bottom approach to wealth advisement. Their goal is to help hard-working, affluent Americans preserve their retirement savings, and they have been meeting and exceeding that goal from the word go.

Russell & Company begins with a bit of CPR (Complete Financial Review), in which all potential financial problems receive close scrutiny. Often times in wealth advisement scenarios, the various arms are not in contact with one another, which is very problematic.

“The scenario is so familiar and one that happens over and over again: the tax person does not communicate with the legal person; the legal person never communicates with the financial person, and everybody is whistling their own symphony and you can’t. The problem with that approach is that what is good for one area may be catastrophic to another,” he said.

Russell & Company brings all players together to make sure a client’s entire fiscal house is in order. Without this cross-sector communication, there is absolutely no doubt that money is falling through the cracks. Their track record of proven successes is undeniable, but Russell admits that their services may not be for everybody.

In addition, Russell & Company leans heavily on proven investment research conducted by Harvard, Yale and Princeton, and these models are the archetype for lessening risk while increasing returns. If your portfolio consists solely of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Russell suggests it is time to find a new adviser, and quickly.

A man of many parts, Russell authors a highly trafficked blog, “The Rob Report,” and recent headlines include, “The Tax Efficient Frontier,” and “Insane (LESS) Investing.” “The blog always features new and completely unfiltered material. I feel that it is very important to reach out to prospective clients through as many venues as possible, from writing to public speaking, I want to help as many people as possible,” he said.

Russell is also nearing completion of a book titled, “Retirement Held Hostage,” in which he outlines several of the strategies that have brought him to the top of his field. Too many clients tell the same tale of feeling as if their hands are tied by Washington and Wall Street, and Russell’s book will provide tips to undo the knots. “People feel powerless and they feel like their future is held hostage by Europe, Wall Street and Washington. We cannot control any of that, but let’s focus on what we can control to get you back on track and back in the black,” he said.


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