Retirement Planning Specialist Tad Hill, CRPC, RFC Featured in Newsweek

Tad Hill, financial and retirement planning specialist, was recently featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts.

Birmingham, AL – April 8, 2013 – Tad Hill, Founder of Freedom Financial Group, was recently featured in Newsweek with other leading professionals as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “Financial Trendsetters.” In the Newsweek feature, Tad and other leading financial advisors were showcased for their forward thinking and successful strategies for wealth management, retirement planning, wealth building and much more.

Here is what the Newsweek feature had to say about Mr. Hill:

Tad has been a trendsetter in the retirement planning community since founding his company, Freedom Financial, in order to protect retirees from the risks of poor planning. The defining point that separates his process from other firms is the focus on carefully identifying the “must know” facts that are critical to his clients’ success in retirement BEFORE making investment decisions. This goes far beyond the “risk tolerance questionnaire” that is employed by typical firms.

His Retirement Roadmap process entails four steps: Income Planning, Investment Planning, Legacy Planning, and Tax Planning. This approach requires more effort on the part of Tad and his staff, but the result is a roadmap that creates greater security for their clients. Tad was presented with the 2011 Global Financial award for fiduciary excellence, and was featured on the cover of the industry magazine, AE Insider, as the leader of one of the fastest growing retirement planning firms in the country. You can see and hear him regularly on both television and radio teaching his “no nonsense” approach to protecting your retirement.

Tad founded Freedom Financial Group in the effort to fill a niche that he believed was not being addressed properly in the retirement planning environment.  He believes in the principle of providing individuals with comprehensive retirement planning strategies designed to increase security throughout retirement. Tad has been serving Birmingham area residents ever since.

Due to the severity of the circumstances that can arise from an unplanned retirement, Tad offers education and guidance to pre-retirees and retirees across Birmingham. As a retirement planning specialist, Tad focuses on helping people protect and preserve their life savings and plan for the distribution of their life savings in the most tax advantageous way possible, ensuring them that their income will last throughout their retirement years. Freedom Financial Group believes in comprehensive estate, income and retirement planning.

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