Retirement Planning Expert Jammie Avila Featured in Newsweek

Jammie Avila, financial and retirement planning expert, was recently featured in Newsweek as one of America’s PremierExperts.

Las Vegas, NV – February 19, 2013 – Jammie Avila, CEO of Cornerstone Retirement and Insurance Services, was recently featured in Newsweek with other leading professionals as one of America’s PremierExperts’® “Financial Trendsetters.” In the Newsweek feature, Jammie Avila and other leading financial experts were showcased for their forward thinking and successful strategies for wealth management, retirement planning, wealth building and much more.

Here is what the Newsweek feature had to say about Jammie Avila:

Jammie has been a trendsetter in the financial services industry for the past 15 years. He specializes in working with retirees and those approaching retirement. One of his main goals is preserving and SAFELY growing their retirement assets. During the recent market downturn in 2008, Jammie’s clients were happy they preserved their investment principal by utilizing his safe money strategies. His clients sleep well at night knowing their affairs are in order and that their nest egg is protected from stock market risk, health care risk, unnecessary taxes and most of all RUNNING OUT OF MONEY during their retirement. With people today living longer than ever before Jammie has become the “go to” expert in making sure his clients’ money lasts as long as they do!

Jammie Avila’s focus is on advising clients on how to preserve their assets, increase their fixed income and reduce their taxes. He specializes in insurance planning, annuities and helping clients assess and improve their overall financial picture. He is committed to the financial security of his clients, and he is proud to provide exemplary client service, while displaying the highest standards of ethics and professional knowledge.

“Our goal is to prepare you for the best, while guarding against the worst. We have found accumulating and protecting retirement nest eggs to be one of our clients’ primary goals,” says Jammie. He has been in the financial services industry since 1998.

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