Retirement Investment Strategist Radon Stancil Featured in USA Today and Other Major Media Outlets

Radon Stancil, Certified Financial Planner, was recently featured in USA Today as well as major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Morningstar, CNBC, MarketWatch and many others.

Raleigh, NC – March 21, 2012 – Radon Stancil, co-owner and co-founder of Retirement Investment Strategies and Diversified Estate Services, LLC, was recently featured in USA Today with other leading experts from across the world as an “Emerging Business Leader To Watch.” A feature story about Radon Stancil was also recently seen on the online home pages of major publications such as Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.

As seen in the USA Today feature:

“Radon Stancil is a Certified Financial Planner and has revolutionized the process for retirement planning. Most advisors only offer financial “products”. Radon is very different, he helps individuals create Peace of Mind through a very simple process. His clients know what their retirement outcome will be regardless of stock market or economic conditions. Radon works with individuals that are close to or in retirement and with high-income entrepreneurs.”

Radon Stancil, Certified Financial Planner, is co-owner and co-founder of Retirement Investment Strategies and Diversified Estate Services, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina, and while its numbers and strategy that drew him to the industry, it’s the emotional side of it that he enjoys and surprised him the most.

“People were talking confident in the 90s’ and 2000’s.  Everything was wonderful but by the end of 2008 people had heavy anxiety about their finances and my role changed.  It used to be all about money and today it’s not.  Today it’s about how to deal with the stress of retiring in what you could call the most financially unstable time in the United States history,” remarked Stancil.

According to Stancil, even clients who did not lose anything in the downturn of 2008 experienced anxiety, confusion and fear which is why he says he shifted his role from financial planner to financial coach.   “Regardless of how good you are, there’s not a point in life where you don’t need coaching.  Even top athletes still need coaches at the top of their game or they risking getting beat,” he says.

Stancil received his financial planning certification from Boston University and founded his companies more than 11 years ago but Stancil’s been a businessman since he was 12 years old.

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