Retirement Expert Jack Phelps Publishes New Blog Discussing What NOT to Invest

Jack Phelps, founder of The Relaxing Retirement Coach, delves into the significant mindset shift that must occur to successfully invest in retirement.

Wellesley, MA – February 12, 2013Jack Phelps, founder of The Relaxing Retirement Coach, a Retirement Coaching company, recently published a blog on his website ( answering the all-important question of where to invest in retirement.  The blog, titled “How Much and When”, provides the first of four Principles and Guidelines, which must be adhered to for a successful investing experience in retirement.

Jack Phelps writes, “This is one of the main reasons why the overwhelming majority of retirees continue to have horrible investment experiences and remain financially DEPENDENT during their retirement years.”

The Relaxing Retirement Coach, Inc. provides their members with the ‘missing structure’ they need to make a seamless and relaxing transition to their retirement years so they can confidently do everything they want to do without worrying about money.  Their Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program™ provides members with a personalized, one-on-one retirement coaching relationship with constant attention to each and every detail necessary for them to consistently enjoy a relaxing retirement experience.

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About Jack Phelps

Prior to developing The Relaxing Retirement Coaching Program back in 1994, Jack spent five years as a registered representative with Prudential Financial Services. In 1992, he received his Chartered Financial Consultant designation from The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. In 1989, Jack graduated from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Economics.

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