Retirement Expert Bill Losey Offers Helpful Tips To Avoid Retirement Mistakes

Bill Losey, America’s Retirement Strategist® and 401(k) rollover expert, published a new blog discussing six key dates to remember to help avoid retirement mistakes.

Saratoga Springs, NY. – April 16, 2013 – Bill Losey, author and retirement expert and advisor, recently published a blog offering tips on how to prevent retirement mistakes – specifically, six important dates to remember. In this blog, found on his website, titled “Preventing Retirement Mistakes: 6 Key Dates To Remember”, Bill explains how a few errors in judgment, or a failure to plan can result in mistakes that cost you valuable retirement dollars.

Bill focuses on six important dates to keep in mind to help make sure you do not get caught in some typical retirement planning mistakes: Bill gives insight into where you should be at these ages: Age 55, 59½, 62, 65, 66-67 and 70½.

About age 55, Bill writes, “People who leave their job for one reason or other can elect to take funds from their 401 (k) without penalty if they are age 55 or older. This ‘separation from service’ clause comes along with a requirement to pay income taxes on the funds, but rolling funds over into another retirement plan is often allowed, keeping the tax man away from the door for a longer period.”

About ages 66-67, Bill explains, “This is the age people can now qualify for full Social Security benefits, called Full Retirement Age (FRA) or Normal Retirement Age (NRA). The precise age depends upon the year in which a person was born. These benefits can come to recipients whether they are still on the job or not. Some people elect to delay filing for these benefits to receive approximately 8% increase each year they wait from their FRA until the age of 70.”

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Bill Losey is a nationally known and respected retirement expert, specializing in 401k rollover advice, self-directed IRA rollovers, 401k direct rollovers, and many other investment and retirement strategies.  Bill’s company, Bill Losey Retirement Solutions, LLC, is an independent registered investment advisory firm that caters primarily to couples as well as divorced and widowed women nationwide (age 50-80) who demand objective financial and retirement advice; customized, fee-only investment management; attention to detail; and impeccable service.

Other recent blogs written by Bill Losey include “What To Do When a Family Member Dies”, “Saving for Retirement: Don’t be Afraid of Stocks”, and “The Latest Info On Social Security,” among others.

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About Bill Losey, CFP®, CSA
America’s Retirement Strategist®

Bill Losey, CFP®, caters to women and couples (age 50-80) who seek to reduce post-retirement risk and generate a predictable, sustainable, increasing stream of retirement income they won’t outlive.  As a qualified professional in the areas of retirement strategies, personal finance and investment management, Bill has been seen and heard on hundreds of TV and radio stations such as FOX News, NPR, CBS News, CNBC, Business Week, TIME, AARP, U.S. News & World Report, and Oprah & Friends.

Bill has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry and is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and Certified Retirement Coach.  He is the owner of Bill Losey Retirement Solutions, LLC, a fee-based registered investment advisory firm serving a small nationwide clientele.  Bill is the author of Retire in a Weekend! The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Making Work Optional and he publishes Retirement Intelligence®, a free, weekly, award-winning newsletter that reaches over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.  Formerly, Bill was the “resident retirement expert” on CNBC’s “On the Money” television program.

In his leisure time, Billy, as his friends call him, loves to sing.  He is an accomplished vocalist and has performed the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden, the Pepsi Arena, and other sporting venues.  Currently Bill is the lead singer of a vocal duo called The New York Lounge Lizards. He has been married for nearly 25 years to his wife Tori.  Together they have three sons, two dogs, and one fish.

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