Retirement Coach Steve Jurich Says “Smart Is The New Rich” When It Comes To Building Lasting Income

Scottsdale, AZ  – February 4, 2013 – With 50,000 Baby Boomers celebrating their 60th to 65th birthdays every day, the generation who changed the world is poised to direct the future of retirement investment strategies. In fact, the impact of their demands, enforced by their investment choices, is already being felt. Having kept close tabs on investment trends, Steve Jurich (pronounced “Jur-itch”) has seen the evolution first-hand: “Right now, 9.43 trillion dollars are sitting in cash vehicles as people are moving away from the stock market. The demand for that risk, for the potential upside in the stock market, has shifted sideways. The smart investor is asking where they can go to ensure a stable retirement income. That’s now an area of demand.” The new Hybrid Index Annuities are the result of that demand.

Steve Jurich is a Retirement Coach and President of IQ Wealth Management in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a leading expert on Hybrid Index Annuities, as well as a licensed life and annuity agent authorized in multiple states, a Registered Investment Advisor, the Editor-in-Chief of, and host of the Journey to Wealth show on Money Radio. In fact, he’s a little like the Hybrid Annuities he favors – a blend of effective virtues. He says that while retirees are in need of the pension-like income that fixed annuities provide, they’re rightly wary of the hard sell, hidden fees, penalties and surrender charges common to traditional annuities. In short, retirees’ refusal to settle for a less than an ideal solution to keeping their money secure has created a demand for an annuity that has all the benefits and none of the risks and fees.

What makes Hybrid Index Annuities a different breed is “a blend of the potential for the upside of the market with the ability to have an insured income, but with the protection of principal value,” says Jurich. They combine the best of what other annuities offer: “You don’t have to worry about losing money, and there are still competitive rates of payout,” he promises. These products pay index interest without being tied to the market. Jurich explains, “Think of a bank account that gets its interest rate from the stock market – your formula is that you’ll get more interest if the market rises, and if the market falls, you don’t lose anything. You can never lose what you’ve already made. No risk, no fuss, no fees. That’s why you’re seeing a rise in demand for these. It’s a great combo. Builds like a pension, and you won’t lose money in your retirement.”

But what happens to your money if the worst should happen to you? While most annuities are famously inflexible, the Hybrid has multiple exit plans, and some wave surrender charges on death, allowing spouses and children to collect without paying to get the money out. A “Long Term Care Annuity” can even provide extra income to pay for long term health care costs. Jurich calls it a “SWAN” strategy, an acronym for “Sleep Well At Night.”

Part of Jurich’s work is to educate retirees on all their annuity options, with their strengths and weaknesses. It’s been said that “knowledge is power,” and when that knowledge is applied wisely, Jurich believes it just might inherit a new moniker: wealth.

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