Retirement Advisor Kyle Blackburn Asks The Questions Others Don’t About What To Do When You Can’t Take It With You

Oklahoma City, OK – February 28, 2013 – As one of the most knowledgeable product and universal life specialists in the country, one might assume Kyle Blackburn, of Blackburn Financial Group in Oklahoma City, would spend all his time discussing interest rates and percentages, or educating his clients on the particulars of various annuities. And in fact, he does weave together a combination of immediate annuities, rated annuities, and life insurance products in order to wrest impressive percentages from an unforgiving economy. But his methods of ensuring retirees have both enough money to live on, and to pass on, begins with even more complicated analysis – of family politics.

“Tell me about your kids. Are they doing really well? Are they handicapped? Are they poor? Are they rich?” Blackburn might ask, joking “What you don’t want is for the dumb kids to get a half-million dollars in a lump sum.” He says these questions often surprise his clients at first, because they’re not questions they’ve ever been asked by any other advisor. However, part of the reason why his initial appointments last for two hours is that when clients start opening up about their families, they often have a lot to say.

In Oklahoma, where Blackburn Financial Group is based, a frequent scenario involves what to do with the family farm. It’s a fraught situation, one which could tear a family apart, but with clever financial planning, says Blackburn, “You can avoid a lot of family strife.” He says, “We’re really more problem solvers than anything. We want to sell products and annuities, of course, but sell it to the right people for the right reasons.”

While family dynamics have a large part to play in deciding who gets what, when, and how, the rest of retirement planning and estate maximization comes down to personal goals and numbers. Blackburn’s first priority is to make sure retirees have enough money to sustain them – more money, in fact, than his clients usually think they’ll need. His second priority is organizing his clients’ assets in order to minimize taxes, and maximize inheritance for their loved ones. One very effective way to increase the amount of money retirees are able to leave behind, he says, is to buy life insurance, “it’s the best deal in the world for people who buy it and keep it.”

It’s these kinds of unbiased, no-nonsense recommendations that have earned Blackburn the trust and loyalty of his clients – and their families.

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