REO Specialist, Frank Patrick, Explains The Upcoming Need For More REO Agents

Frank Patrick, Property Preservation and Foreclosure Trash Out Specialist, writes how the coming increase in new foreclosures will create a huge opportunity for reo agents, reo sellers and other reo professionals. 

Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 10, 2010 – According to a recent article written by Frank Patrick, foreclosure trash-out and reo specialist, many in the real estate industry predict recovery can only come if there are enough trained REO agents available who know how to properly handle and sell the properties that are likely to flood the market throughout 2010. 

In the artilcle on, called “REO Listings: More Foreclosures, More REO Sales,” Frank Patrick explains how the latest numbers regarding foreclosures and REO properties indicate that it’s still an incredible time to become an REO agent and learn how to get REO listings – as there is certainly no shortage of bank-owned properties on the market. 

Frank writes, “The fact is that tens of thousands of loans are coming to foreclosure. And, because of the government simplifying the process, the actual foreclosures will happen twice as fast as in the past – so more REO properties will become available quicker.”  

“There are still about 5 million delinquent home loans out there that will be hitting the foreclosure stage soon.  The big banks are expecting foreclosures to really skyrocket near the end of 2010,” continued Frank. 

Frank emphasizes that those interested in making real money in the real estate industry should investigate how to become an REO agent and how to get REO listings. “Agents with the expertise to do BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions) and handle REO homes will find there is a continuing thriving market with buyers lining up to get a bargain on a home,” remarked Frank. 

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Frank Patrick is the founder of The American Society of REO Specialists, or ASREOS.  ASREOS is a national trade association founded in 2008 to assist ASREOS members in making contact with banks, lenders, asset management companies and property preservation companies that need competent REO professionals to service their REO properties.  ASREOS also enables members to network in a professional and supportive environment and offers ongoing dynamic, cutting-edge REO resources to help members grow their business and their own personal performance in the REO marketplace.  ASREOS also provides a comprehensive directory of REO professionals for banks, lenders, asset management companies and property preservation companies.

The online home of ASREOS (, the American Society of REO Specialists, is growing in leaps and bounds to help REO professionals gain a competitive edge and get access to these lucrative listings.  ASREOS is the first REO trade association founded by REO experts, and it features advice from top REO agents, access to an exclusive database of over 130 REO sellers, and profiles of its members in an online searchable directory of REO vendors that banks, lenders and asset managers can utilize when looking for local agents to list and sell their REO properties.  Find out more at


About Frank Patrick:

Frank Patrick began his real estate career in 2000 after a 12-year stint in corporate America as a sales manager.  As a new real estate agent Frank knew that he wanted to find a niche within the real estate industry.  After months of research Frank decided to specialize in REO, an acronym for bank owned foreclosed homes.  Frank quickly became one of the top REO agents in the nation averaging over 100 transactions per year for the last 8 years.  In 2007 Frank’s production soared to over 214 sales.

In 2004 Frank and his brother Scott Patrick started a property preservation company to offer maintenance and repair services to banks with foreclosed homes.  Frank’s solid understanding of the REO industry and Scott’s 20+ years in the construction business was a recipe for success.  This year their property preservation business is on track to gross over one million dollars in revenue.  Today Frank manages his REO Real Estate Brokerage, REO Renegades an REO agent training business, his trade association The American Society of REO Specialists and is developing a national Franchise Property Preservation company, REO ResQ.

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