Relationship and Body Language Expert, Dr. Loreley Leonard, Finishes Work on Hollywood Documentary “De-Stressed”

On the set of De-Stressed, a “docu-dramedy,” Dr. Loreley provided her skills and expertise to the cast and crew to ensure character authenticity.

NEW YORK CITY– October 10, 2013 – Dr. Loreley Leonard recently completed work on the set of De-Stressed, directed by Garry Pastore.  The film follows one man’s journey to “find sanity in an insane world.”  The producers enlisted Dr. Loreley to provide her outstanding and thorough knowledge of body language and micro-expressions. Micro-expressions are brief, involuntary facial expressions shown on the face of humans according to emotions experienced.

“This has been an amazing opportunity to combine my training as a psychotherapist and a life coach to mentor the Hollywood production cast and crew. During the movie, I got to teach them the finer techniques of micro-expressions and the use of body language to create even more authentic characters,” writes Dr. Loreley, “By using these techniques, the audience can better relate to the characters because they feel like ‘real people’ with real life experience.  This isn’t accomplished as easily as it sounds.”

De-Stressed is scheduled to finish filming on Oct. 19, 2013.

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About Dr. Loreley Leonard

Dr. Loreley Leonard is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, life coaches, and business consultants worldwide, building an impeccable record of client satisfaction in the process. Also a best-selling author, Leonard has written such inspirational titles as Blessed by a Broken HeartThe Secret of SeductionEmpty Cradle and others, in which she sheds light on some of the biggest questions of self-empowerment and fulfillment. 

Aside from her numerous writings, Dr. Loreley hosts a wide variety of seminars and retreats where she teaches her students the secret to unlocking their inner potential and living their dreams. Some of the popular events held by Dr. Loreley include Mastering Your Relationships, Relationship Boot Camp, and Polish Your Pitch, all of which feature her intensive coaching and unique strategies of personal transformation. She is one of only 16 licensed practitioners in the world who made it through the “hellacious” training of the Center of Body Language International.  Dr. Loreley holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s in Behavioral Sciences, and a Bachelor’s in Speech Communications.

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