Registered Investment Advisor Jeff Cirino Educates Investors So They Can Make Wise Decisions

Jeff Cirino, ChFC, Registered Investment Advisor, has become one of the leading financial services experts in the country by developing a proven three step process to help his clients with their investment strategy.

Solon, OH – February 22, 2013 – With over twenty years of dedicated experience in financial services, Jeff Cirino, RIA, ChFC, is the founder and CEO of Alpha Planning & Financial, Inc., a leading financial services firm based in Ohio.  As an investment advisor with a unique approach, Cirino has set himself apart from the myriad of financial planners in the industry by helping people make better financial decisions by using a logical and rational process rather than using traditional sales techniques.  He helps his clients uncover and filter any misconceptions they have about the kind of investments they own, the kind of returns they can expect, and what their true cost is of their investments.  Since most investors are unsure of what questions to ask and how to quantify hidden fees, taxes, or risk issues, Cirino has developed a proven methodology to help his clients clearly understand and develop an investment strategy that will be consistent with their objectives.

Surveys of affluent Americans consistently reveal that their major frustration is that their advisors should be more proactive about future issues that might affect their financial well being.  Cirino and his firm clearly address that concern by keeping their clients informed on the latest changes to laws, regulations and economic trends that may affect their financial future.

Cirino states, “Each investment product has a place and a specific purpose where it may fit properly into someone’s retirement planning, but without a complete review of your personal situation, risk tolerance, income needs, tax situation, long-term care needs, and estate and charitable desires, no one can or should have an opinion on whether a specific product is right for you.”

Because of his commitment to education, Cirino regularly conducts financial education events for the public as well as his clients.  He is also the author of the Complete Guide to College Funding and is currently writing a book about planning for retirement that will be released in the summer of 2013.  The new book will cover his time-tested retirement planning process and debunk current myths and misconceptions.

Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Cirino is being featured as one of the leading business Champions in Newsweek Magazine.  Additional information about Cirino and Alpha Planning and Financial, Inc. can be found at


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