Rebecca Barcy: When You Need an Angel, Call Rebecca Barcy

Scottsdale, AZ – December 5, 2011 – From her 1940’s roll-top desk, Rebecca Barcy spends her days working to bring peace of mind and exceptional quality care to those who need it.  Surrounded by walls covered in inspirational quotes, Barcy has made a living out of giving.

As CEO/President of I Need an Angel, Inc., a non-medical, in-home care company, Barcy runs an average of 50 employees who helps seniors and those in need stay safely, independently, and comfortably at home.

Barcy works tirelessly to match caregivers to clients based on their level of need providing a supportive environment for the client and their family.  At the heart of the company, Barcy says they are providing so much more.

Barcy, who according to her staff should be considered an angel herself, employs “Angels on Assignment.”  These “angels” or caregivers provide everything from hourly and live-in care to companionship but the most important function they provide is peace of mind.

“We are an extension to your family when health or injury has turned your life upside down, overnight or overtime,” she says.

While it may be the hardest decision, she adds, it is the smartest decision.  I Need an Angel, Inc. allows a daughter, son, spouse or sibling to focus on the relationship without the role of caregiver.

“They aren’t running around for prescriptions or making calls for doctor appointments or getting up at 2 a.m. to check on Dad,” she says.

Founded in 2004, I Need an Angel, Inc. was an unexpected endeavor for Barcy at first.  With a background in graphic design and a knack for running successful businesses, she considers herself an ethereal entrepreneur with a focus on quality and people.

“I ended up with I Need an Angel, Inc. by accident but by design.  Everything I ever did lead to here,” she says.

The company’s mission is to strive to be recognized as the leader in the industry for “someone to depend on” and Barcy makes sure of it.

“Managing a home care company means you have to meet people where they are today without judgment and with love,” she says. “I Need An Angel, Inc. is an extension of your family and we help you have a better best life.”

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