Real Estate Investment Specialist, Mike Conlon Reveals Tips For Successful Real Estate Investors

Two-time best-selling author Mike Conlon, aka “The Main Street Millionaire,” elaborates on some of the qualities most successful real estate investors display and advises anyone who is looking for long-term success develop the same skills and habits.

Cary, NC – September 9, 2015 – Mike Conlon, President and CEO of Affordable Communities Group, LLC ( aka the “Main Street Millionaire” has posted a new article on his website entitled, “The Qualities of Successful Real Estate Investors.” For the serious real estate investor, get rich quick schemes don’t hold any interest. As Mike Conlon explains, “Despite the late night ads that once claimed you could make millions easily as a real estate investor, a dose of reality is required to help those serious about investing.”

Mike-ConlonAccording to Conlon, “Real estate is a challenging business. Yes, money, and lots of it can be made in real estate. However the truth is that expertise, planning and focus are absolute prerequisites for anyone interested in a real career and not just a ‘hobby’.”

There is no doubt, as Conlon acknowledges that, “Sometimes it may be relatively easy to experience short-lived profits, though if you want to develop a long-term career as a real estate investor skill, effort and good, consistent habits are mandatory.”

Listing “people skills” at the top of his list, Conlon recommends that real estate investors have a business plan and that they develop a habit of lifelong learning. As Conlon states, “Every real estate market moves through different stages of growth. If you select a niche market such as mobile home communities, single-family homes, or commercial real estate, you’ll need to acquire an in-depth knowledge of your selected market or niche.” He continues adding, “You’ll need to be aware of current trends, changes in consumer spending habits, mortgage rates and the unemployment rate. And, as with any business, you’ll need to stay up to date with the laws, regulations, terminology and trends that form the basis of the real estate investor’s business.” According to Conlon, “Successful real estate investors stay educated and can adapt to regulatory changes and economic trends”

Additionally, Conlon writes, “There is no board of ethics for real estate investors.” He goes on to say, “While there are always some unethical people in every business, most successful real estate investors abide by high ethical standards. Reputation is everything in this people business. And honesty in all dealings is always the best policy.”

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About Mike Conlon:

Mike Conlon, aka the Main Street Millionaire, provides his audience with an unconventional, no-B.S.-insight on the investment and entrepreneur arenas based on his 15+ years of street-wise investment success that has made him a multi-millionaire.

Mike is President and majority owner of Affordable Communities Group (ACG), LLC based in Cary, NC, which currently owns 25 manufactured home communities (3,000+ spaces) in North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Mike has bought, rehabbed, and subsequently sold 15 multi-family deals resulting in over $70 million of proceeds since 2002. In the 1990’s, Mike grew a financial planning broker-dealer from $1.2 million in gross revenue to over $40 million in five years and sold it to a large national insurance company. Mike also owned a financial planning practice that he grew to over $100 million in assets before selling in 2002. Mike received his law degree from the U. of Minnesota in 1990.
Mike just published his first book called Unconventional Wealth: The New Main $treet Millionaires, which is available on He has become a mentor and educator to numerous small business owners and real estate investors throughout the country. Mike can be reached at [email protected]
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