Real Estate Foreclosure Class Approved

Tolbert, who is the only approved teacher for this course, said, “Attendees can expect to learn about ‘short sales,’ an option for people in foreclosure that owe more money on their house than what the market says it’s worth, as well as different strategies for buyers and sellers to decrease hassle and stress throughout the process.”

In June 2007, notes that Florida is the 4th highest foreclosure rate in the all of the U.S. and Florida had 21,035 foreclosures, up 144.45% from a year ago. “As foreclosures continue to grow it is important to increase awareness and be prepared. A real estate agent inexperienced in this niche can not only cost the seller and buyer money, but can actually lead to the seller losing their house, so this knowledge is critical,” said Tolbert. �

Classes are scheduled all over Florida; for more information regarding these events, or to have Andy hold a training in your area contact Stacy Dunn at 407-328-0970, [email protected] or visit

About Andy Tolbert:
Andy has been in the real estate industry for over a decade and has made it her mission to master every aspect of real estate, mortgages, investing and the interactions between the three. She has been in the mortgage business since 1995, holds an active real estate license since 1998 and has been training others for over 5 years. Tolbert is founder and president of Investors Resource Center, Orlando and has been a guest speaker at numerous events.

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