Real Estate Experts Jeremy Mellick and Jeremy Eide Sign Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress For “The New Rise In Real Estate”

Jeremy Eide and Jeremy Mellick, , has signed a publishing deal with CelebrityPress, a leading business book publishing company, along with other leading real estate experts to release “The New Rise in Real Estate.”

Maple Valley, Wash. – March 8, 2012 – Jeremy Mellick and Jeremy Eide, of Excel Real Estate Experts, have signed a publishing deal to contribute to the forthcoming book titled, The New Rise in Real Estate: The Nation’s Trusted Real Estate Advisors Reveal Their Top Secrets for Buying and Selling Homes in the New Real Estate Economy. Mellick, Eide and a select group of America’s leading real estate professionals and members of the National Association of Expert Advisors have joined together with noted real estate experts and coaches, Jay Kinder and Michael Reese, to co-write the much-anticipated book. Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

Jeremy Mellick and Jeremy Eide combined forces in early 2011, forming one of the Northwest’s most dynamic and fastest growing real estate teams. Knowing how important specialization is in being successful, Jeremy and Jeremy have taken separate roles on the team. While Jeremy Mellick specializes in marketing and selling homes in traditional transactions, Jeremy Eide is in charge of the short sale department.

When it comes to traditional sales, Excel Real Estate Experts is known not only for their ability to get homes sold quickly, and for the most amount of money possible, they also put their money where their mouth is. If they can’t sell your home, they will actually step in and buy it, guaranteeing that their clients will sell their home.

The New Rise in Real Estate: The Nation’s Trusted Real Estate Advisors Reveal Their Top Secrets for Buying and Selling Homes in the New Real Estate Economy features proven secrets and strategies from some of America’s leading real estate experts.  These experts share how to adjust and adapt to the new economy and succeed in a rapidly changing real estate industry.

The book is tentatively scheduled to be available in the spring of 2012.

For more information on the Short Sale process, go to If you need help with a traditional real estate transaction, go to, or you can call them any time at (206) 319-5200 or toll free at (800) 460-9191.

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More about Jeremy Mellick and Jeremy Eide:

Jeremy Mellick grew up in a suburb Southeast of Seattle. From childhood his entrepreneurial spirit was evident. He constantly searched for a way to take business opportunities to a higher level. Instead of having the standard Lemonade Stand when he was a child, Jeremy stepped it up a notch and ran an Italian Soda Stand. Whether it was selling baseball cards to his friends or standing outside the grocery store selling newspaper subscriptions, Jeremy outsold nearly everyone else. His sales skills followed him into High School where he proved that carrying a bag of candy bars that he bought in bulk and resold could be a very lucrative business.

In 2003, Jeremy decided to enter the world of Real Estate Sales. Within one year, he was among the top agents across the Country. In his second year, Jeremy was honored as being in the top 10% of agents nationwide, and he hasn’t looked back. Now the Owner/CEO of Excel Real Estate Experts, Jeremy is focused on giving back to the real estate community. He does this by facilitating classes for local agents, teaching them the skills that have made him so successful.

Jeremy Eide was also born and raised in the Seattle area.  He is a former Marine that has been married to his high school sweetheart for 13 years and has three wonderful children.  Since 2007 Jeremy has made it his goal to help as many home owners as possible avoid foreclosure. By guiding them through a successful short sale, he has been able to help homeowners move forward with their lives and start fresh, with confidence to purchase a home in the future.  Throughout the years, Jeremy has negotiated over 135 short sales and has worked with all of the major banks as well as most of the local banks and Credit Unions.

Understanding the get more when you give principal, Jeremy has instructed many local agents on the process of successful Short Sale negotiations. With only 10-30% of short sales being successful nationally, Jeremy realized that in order to help the greatest number of families avoid foreclosure he needed to extend this reach through other agents. By teaching other local real estate agents how to successfully negotiate a short sale transaction, Jeremy’s hope is that those agents will then have the skills to successfully help more home owners.

About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ specializes in helping its authors grow their businesses through book publishing. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Brian Tracy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ron Legrand, Mari Smith, Kelly O’Neil, Alexis Martin Neely and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

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