Real Estate Expert Shomail Malik Explains The Psychology Behind Overpriced Houses

Shomail Malik, best-selling author and founder of the Real Estate Wealth Academy and Strategic Realty Solutions, says overpricing houses is a primal instinct.

Somerset, NJ – March 10, 2014 – Shomail Malik, real estate expert, founder of the Real Estate Wealth Academy and member of the Real Estate Solutions Team (REST), posted a new blog post on The Real Estate Wealth Academy website, titled “Why Home Sellers Over-Value Their Homes.” It’s called “loss aversion,” and you can use it to your advantage.

Malik says, “Understanding a little seller psychology is helpful in real estate investing because it gives you a key insight for making sales yourself: Don’t just tell people what they’re getting – emphasize what they’ll lose out on also. You might even use that strategy to persuade a homeowner into a more realistic price-range for their home.”

The Real Estate Wealth Academy and Real Estate Solutions Team (R.E.S.T.) specializes in teaching new real estate investors how to succeed in any housing market.

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