Real Estate Expert Mark Torok Featured on CBS as Guest on “New Masters of Real Estate”

Mark Torok, Principal of The Torok Law Firm P.C., was recently seen on CBS and other network affiliates across the country as an expert guest on “New Masters of Real Estate.”

San Antonio, TX. – Mark Torok, Principal of The Torok Law Firm P.C., was recently an expert guest on “New Masters of Real Estate.” Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, hosts the show that was recently featured on CBS and other major network affiliates across the country.

“New Masters of Real Estate” features an interview format, with Nick Nanton interviewing the nation’s leading real estate agents. Mark was one of Nick’s recent guests, discussing his success and knowledge in real estate, and in particular, subject-to real estate transactions.

Mark Torok founded The Torok Law Firm P.C. to represent real estate investors for real estate, asset protection, securities and estate planning. Guiding investors through the world of real estate investing with classes and training products covering the legal side of real estate investments is the driving purpose of Torok Law Education.
Mark has closed more than 500 transactions and represents some of the largest investors in Texas, as well as several hard money lenders. He is an active real estate investor and currently owns more than 800 units in and around Texas. He holds active Texas and Pennsylvania admissions to practice law, a real estate salesperson’s license, an escrow agents license and works with Providence Title to provide superior title services to his clients.

Mark has had a varied and extensive legal career of almost 30 years, including stints as an administrative law judge in Oregon and Pennsylvania, representing a national insurance trade association for legislative and regulatory affairs for six states, where he was instrumental in the design and passage of major legislation, and as an officer and counsel to three major insurance companies.

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