Real Estate Expert Diane Cardano Featured on ABC as Guest on “New Masters of Real Estate”

Diane Cardano, real estate expert, was recently seen on ABC and other network affiliates across the country as an expert guest on “New Masters of Real Estate.”

Abington, PA. – Diane Cardano, real estate agent, was recently an expert guest on “New Masters of Real Estate.” Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, hosts the show that was recently featured on ABC and other major network affiliates across the country.

“New Masters of Real Estate” features an interview format, with Nick Nanton interviewing the nation’s leading real estate agents. Diane was one of Nick’s recent guests, discussing her success and knowledge in real estate.

Diane is known as the head Pit-Bull negotiator and listing queen. Diane spends much of her time teaching the community about how to sell a home for all it’s worth in this New World of real estate. She has held 31 seminars over the last four years and has taught more than 500 home sellers how to maximize their net profit with her Coming Soon Listing program. Diane teaches her seminar attendees that the key to selling a home is how effective their Realtor is in protecting them from the Home Selling Sharks: Staging, Pricing, Marketing, Negotiating and Overseeing

All the Transactional details.

Of the home owners who decided to sell their home after the seller workshop, about 95% of them hired Diane and the Team to market and sell their home. The average days on the market for a seminar graduate if 26 days, versus the area Days on market of 129 days.  This proves Diane’s point that home sellers need to be prepared when selling their home and they need to educate

themselves about the process.

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