Real Estate Design Expert Christine Rae Publishes New Blog Explaining How Home Staging Can Help Home Sellers Who Are Entrenched in Divorce

Christine Rae, Founder and CEO of Certified Staging Professionals International Business Training Academy, an educational program for home staging consultants, argues that power of staging to increase perceived home value can help divorced couples trying to shake their largest combined property.

St. Catharines, OntarioOctober 10, 2011 – Christine Rae, Christine Rae, Founder and CEO of Certified Staging Professionals International Business Training Academy, recently published a blog on her website discusses the reason home staging might be the solution for the divorced home owner and his or her ex. The blog, titled “Maximize Property Value and Reduce Marital Stress” contends home staging can save couples from suffering the financial ruin of foreclosure, and better positions them for a fresh start post-divorce.

Rae writes, “According to statistics 50% of today’s marriages fail; no matter how you look at it couples who divorce in today’s society are faced with dividing their assets, and the largest asset to negotiate is the house. What used to be the most valuable asset in many marriages in today’s strained economy has become the most burdensome. Rather than fighting to retain it, couples are fighting against it, because of the debt load. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so stressful. By hiring a home staging company to navigate the preparation to ‘market ready’ the property, divorcing couples have found  they are able to resolve differences, resulting a faster sold property at a price higher than they thought possible.”

“If you are going through a divorce, the best way to maximize your property value is to sell your home at the best price possible. By working with a trained, real estate savvy home staging company, your property will be transformed to appeal to a targeted segment of potential buyers who are most likely to purchase. You can enjoy new beginnings for yourself, as your property attracts new buyers who can buy without the acrimony and stress of a divided household,” reports Ms. Rae.

Certified Staging Professionals trains home stagers through a comprehensive course of study that includes 3 days in a classroom, 4 weeks of home study and 6 weeks of hands-on market coaching. CSP International is also a resource for Realtors and home sellers to find and hire graduates of this highly accredited staging education program, to assistin successfully closing real estate sales.

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About CSP International™ Business Training Academy:

CSP began as the brainchild of its founder and president, Christine Rae. A long-time corporate executive, Christine began with the CSP program and a goal of bringing her penchant for high standards and business ethics, together with her knowledge of design and the real estate industry to an industry without a map. Her own extensive training came from across North America including New York City, California, Texas and the Carolinas.  From her research Christine knew there was a need for a distinctly different approach to staging. Growing from one course to a complete school with several physical locations and 15 well trained instructors, the CSP program is the leading global source for finding highly trained stagers and is the primary destination for anyone wanting to become a stager, it is the company more real estate agents turn to, on behalf of their clients. They are a Canadian success story for sure but no longer strictly Canadian having expanded to the United States in 2006 and Australia in 2009.  The program has been translated into Mandarin; Global license opportunities currently under review include China, Germany and France.

About the CSP® designation:

The CSP® designation is recognized by real estate professionals, builders, home stagers, decorators and home sellers for its brand reputation of excellence. The designation identifies home staging consultants who have achieved certification in the staging industry which included quality hands-on training with vigorous testing, apprenticeship, business process and ethics.

About Christine Rae:

Christine Rae, founder and president of the CSP International™ Business Training Academy, is well-known and well-respected for her work in the Real Estate Staging industry, author of Home Staging for Dummies, a small business growth expert, international speaker, trainer and developer of EcoStaging® Her passion for staging, décor, the green movement and successful entrepreneurial ventures is satisfied with her desire to help people.  Her talents are reflected in the success of the Academy. Christine’s dedication to excellence has developed CSP into an international success and into more than a training program – the CSP International Academy is a sustainable resource for continuing education, professionalism & a support network to its graduates.

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