Real Estate Broker, BC Risi, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With Real Estate GameChangers


BC Risi, Broker with Risi Group Realty, recently ranked on the best-seller list with the new book, Real Estate GameChangers, co-authored with Jay Kinder, Mike Reese and a number of other top recognized real estate professionals.

Anna, Texas – September 25, 2017 – BC Risi is a Trusted Expert Advisor in residential real estate sales with over 4 decades of experience. BC joined a select group of leading real estate professionals to co-write the best-selling book titled Real Estate GameChangers. This title dives into the world of real estate, providing the reader with strategies for industry success among other tips, secrets and proven techniques. The expert advice presented in this publication, including content from the esteemed real estate team Jay Kinder and Mike Reese, founders of Kinder Reese Real Estate Partners, reveals tools to help all levels of real estate professionals take their careers to the new heights. The book was published by CelebrityPress®, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from ThoughtLeaders® around the world, and was released on June 29, 2017.

On the day of release, Real Estate GameChangers reached best-seller status on – ranking as high as #14 in the “Direct Marketing” category. The book also made its mark at #33 in the “Buying and Selling Homes” category and #80 in the “Real Estate” category. BC contributed a chapter titled “The ‘Life Factor’,” revealing tips for changing your life for the better and achieving professional success along the way even while going through intense life’s obstacles. The expert information shared in his chapter has helped the book reach optimal best-seller placement and will help readers gain similar success in their endeavors.

CelebrityPress® describes the book:

The concept of GameChanging applies to every field of endeavor.  There are leaders, followers and those who are rooted to the spot. GameChangers lead. The position of leadership has great advantages in business and invariably leads to success – but it’s difficult to obtain, and in the competitive world, requires vigilance to stay ahead of the pack.  The Real Estate Sales Industry is a great example.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make. Using the wrong real estate agent can be a costly error. As the Celebrity Experts® in this book constantly mention, no buyer or seller should leave such a major transaction to chance.  These Celebrity Experts® – experienced agents – advise you to find a knowledgeable agent that will best represent your interests in any real estate transaction.

The Real Estate agents in this book discuss a variety of methods to maximize your outcome in a real estate transaction – whether you are an agent or a client. Who better to listen to than someone who has been down the same road many times before? Read their suggestions and advice and make your own decisions. Learn from a GameChanger!

After such a successful release, BC Risi will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

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A portion of the royalties earned from Real Estate GameChangers will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.

About BC Risi:

BC Risi, as a single parent of four children with three currently at home, operates a full-time and very busy Real Estate business. BC conducts his daily life with absolute integrity, loyalty and compassion. He nurtures and cares for his children and serves his clients diligently resulting in his complete happiness.

BC grew up as a product of a career Air Force family that moved quite frequently around the U.S., Germany and Japan during his earlier years. His parents divorced at age 11.

BC, being the oldest of five children, remained with his mother and four younger siblings. BC moved out of his mother’s home at age 14. At age 15, he graduated high school and started working in the Movie Industry doing lighting on movie sets. He started college and he eventually became a lighting director (gaffer) by age 19. The seasonality of the industry provided many other opportunities for BC – like getting a real estate license and earning his bachelor’s degree.

Today BC is a licensed Trusted Expert Real Estate Advisor who has spent over 43 years perfecting his craft and serving his clients at the highest levels. BC has enjoyed with frequency thousands of successes for his clients, while helping them to achieve goals that others said could not be done. In California, BC launched a Real Estate and Mortgage Loan company that quickly grew to nine offices throughout the state, had over 600 real estate agents and loan officers which took just four short years. Today BC is quickly re-establishing himself in his market as an Expert Trusted Real Estate Advisor and a major player in that market.

BC currently holds an active Brokers License in California and an active Salesperson’s License in Texas where he now resides. BC’s commitment to service, self-improvement, professionalism, education within the industry and immense enthusiasm for his clients and the work that he does is noticed. His contagious positive attitude and high energy has enabled him to consistently exceed expectations with his clients as a result.

BC is an active participant in North Texas real estate as a member of the National Association of Realtors, The Texas Association of Realtors, Collin County Association of Realtors and the Greater Lewisville Association of Realtors. He is a member in good standing of NAEA the National Association of Expert Advisors. BC’s clients expect, deserve and receive access to the latest leading-edge technologies to obtain maximum exposure in the market place, so that they can quickly and efficiently navigate to their goals.

BC loves public speaking, educating, working with his community and the public about his industry, is an expert in Martial Arts, a Private Pilot and loves to ride his motorcycle.

His motto is:

SKILL, INTEGRITY & PERSEVERANCE!! Building A Brighter Future!! One Dream at A Time!!

You can connect with BC at:

About CelebrityPress® LLC: 

CelebrityPress® LLC is a leading business book publisher that publishes books from Thoughtleaders® around the world. CelebrityPress® LLC specializes in business anthologies, among various other types of titles, and has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, Tom Hopkins, and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields. CelebrityPress® LLC focuses on helping its authors grow their businesses and their personal brands through book publishing; the organization has successfully helped launch thousands of best-selling authors® to date. 

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