Rajiv Tiwari Receives 2016 Hind Rattan “Jewel of India” Award

Nominated by a panel of acclaimed officials in India, Rajiv Tiwari receives 2016 Hind Rattan “Jewel of India” Award for his global contributions and outstanding achievements in business.

Princeton, NJ – March 7, 2016 –
 Rajiv “Raj” Tiwari was one of the 20 recipients selected for the 2016 Hind Rattan “Jewel of India” award out of a pool of 30 million non-resident persons of Indian origin (NRIs) from around the world. The Hind Rattan is one of the highest Indian diasporic awards granted annually to NRIs by the NRI Welfare Society of India, an organization under the umbrella of the Government of India.

A panel of former Prime Ministers of India, high-level government officials, the Indian Supreme Court, international ambassadors, cabinet ministers, as well as scientists and scholars for this prestigious award nominated Raj.  He received the award at a ceremony in New Delhi on the eve of the 67th Republic Day of India on January 25, 2016. The award recognizes Raj’s “Global contributions and outstanding achievements”.

Raj shared his experiences, contributing keen insights, business transformations and innovation expertise to more than 20 countries across six continents. Raj’s contributions aren’t limited to helping at an industry level; he takes his expertise to the next level to help nations. Raj’s dedication and passion to improving nations pushed him to start the initiative “Reinventing America Today.” The broad based mission of “Reinventing America Today” is to revitalize America’s economic growth and global competitiveness, and overall job market.. This increasingly popular organization benefits both individuals and administrations across the globe. Raj was recently invited to The White House for his contribution to the America’s young people.

The Hind Rattan award is the latest in a lengthy series of distinctions Raj has received for his contributions. In 2014, he became the first Indian to attend and receive an EXPY® Award, which honors the best and brightest experts, writers, and speakers from around the world. He’s also received the IBM Extraordinary Contribution Award, the Bharat Gaurav Award and is nominated for the New Jersey Business Hall of Fame.

Raj was recently featured in “Forbes Magazine®” as one of the 20 top world’s leading experts and he was also featured in the world’s leading news sites and magazines, including CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Times of India.

Raj was unanimously elected as a board member for the highly prestigious Economic Development Committee in South Brunswick, New Jersey, where he works closely with the mayor and councilmen to improve the township’s economy. In thanks for his contributions to the town, the South Brunswick Public Library displayed a poster of Raj.

Raj has served at numerous world leading professional associations and held multiple prestigious positions to contribute to many industries. Previously the Vice Chair (PACE-NJC) of IEEE, the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation, he is currently the Global Systems Manager at Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest companies in the world, and is responsible for designing worldwide systems strategies.

Raj is a truly multi-national citizen of the world. While Raj’s love and contribution to his home county has never been compromised, and he is always exploring opportunities to help his and other countries.


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