Push Button Productions Re-launches Web Site Creating Music Production Team

Bendayan and Ruhff, hope that their new services and user-friendly web site will help increase their production company’s market share in North Florida.

“We really do like the North Florida market and helping local business with their advertising is really exciting for us,” Bendayan said. “Coming up with advertising that gets one of our favorite businesses noticed is always fun.”

With the help of their attorney and business partner Nick Nanton, Ruhff and Bendayan have spent the past three months revamping Push Button Productions’ web site. Nanton, who has helped turn companies like PremiereTrade, LLC and Loud Entertainment, LLC into successful businesses, said that he has no doubt that Bendayan and Ruhff have the right stuff to launch a successful company.

“They are dedicated to making their product the best and it blows away the competition in their local market and even into the national market,” Nanton said. “I would challenge you to find a more creative team that knows how to execute like Yeosh and Jon do.”

Bendayan and Ruhff have been working as a production team since 2004 at WRUF-FM Rock104, but it wasn’t until late 2006 that the two began operating under the name Push Button Productions.

About Push Button Productions:

Push Button Productions offers an array of radio and television advertising services, including original jingle production, original scores and translation services. Most notably, the production company produced the jingle for Santa Fe Community College’s “You can learn it there!” ad campaign, as well as the Modern Age rap jingle. For more information about Push Button Productions visit www.pushbuttonproductions.com.


Contact Info:

Yeosh Bendayan
Push Button Productions
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