Push Button Productions (LLC) selects JW Dicks and Nick Nanton of Dicks & Nanton, PA: The Business Growth Lawyers™ to Expand Their Business

Owners Yeosh Bendayan and Jon Ruhff connected while working at WRUF, a Gainesville, Fla. radio station. They combined their experience, unique talents, innovative ideas and quirky humor into a production company specializing in jingles.

“Jon and Yeosh have an unbelievable ability to know what their clients and most importantly, consumers, are looking for. Their quick wit and creative ideas make for great advertising campaigns and it also makes them fun to work with,” Nanton said.

Bendayan and Ruhff selected Dicks & Nanton, PA.: The Business Growth Lawyers™ to expand their business and take them to the next level of business growth and success.

“Yeosh and I have been doing this for a long time but we really wanted to be able to make our company into something bigger. We saw that possibility with Dicks & Nanton. With their experience and forward thinking ideas we knew they were the right choice,” Ruhff said.

Dicks & Nanton will work with Push Button Productions to implement the business growth strategies that Dicks & Nanton are known for.

About Push Button Productions (LLC)

Push Button Productions is a Gainesville, Fla. based production company specializing in writing and producing radio advertisement and jingles. For more information about Push Button Productions (LLC) visit www.pushbuttonproductions.com.

About Dicks & Nanton, PA: The Business Growth Lawyers™

Dicks & Nanton, PA: The Business Growth Lawyers™ is a boutique law firm dedicated to building businesses and brands. Dicks & Nanton are known for helping their clients make money with creative business strategies and saving them money by structuring protective devices that preserve business and personal assets. For more information about Dicks & Nanton, PA visit www.dicksnanton.com.

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