Psychology Expert, Helena Reilly, M.A., Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress For New Book, “More.Better.”

Helena Reilly,M.A. psychologist, will team with CelebrityPress, a leading business book publishing company, and several leading experts from around the world to release the book, “More. Better.”

Orlando, Fla. – November 5, 2012 – Helena Reilly, president and co-founder of Smart Technology Association, has joined a select group of the world’s leading experts from a variety of industries to co-write the forthcoming book titled, “More.Better.: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results.” Nick Nanton, Esq., along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress imprint.

She has been working in the field of Sound Frequencies and Transformation now for over 20 years. During this time, she created a therapeutic system and wrote her book “Sound Energetics” based on her client’s transformational experiences. She also combined the VIBE(Voice Inspired Brainwave Entrainment) method with hypnosis to help her clients attain amazing results in their personal and professional lives.  The IQube technologies are plug and play.  Once plugged in they run automatically in the environment 24×7 clearing both environmental and emotional stress from daily life.  She was interviewed on numerous television and radio talk shows including Carol Martin’s CNBC “Alive and Wellness.”  Her specialty was dealing with gifted creative people whose desire was to remove unconscious blocks to success. She frequently lectured and travelled and facilitated large groups during this phase of her career.

In 2002 Helena left her private practice to join Robert Lloy full time.    Since that time they applied this knowledge to co-create the Tesla IQubes (Focus, Theta Love and Tesla) each synergistically combining  quantum energy, sound frequencies, inert noble gases (such as xenon), LEDs, and structured water.    The Tesla IQubes are breakthrough techologies based on  new paradigm concepts of  brainwave entrainment with quantum fields and the law of resonance.  They are known to release stress, anxiety and fear and allow you to transform your consciousness to actualize your highest potential.

She is the president and co-founder of Smart Technology Association.  She is now on a journey to introduce the Tesla Iqubes to increase human potential and remove the deep stresses that prevent individuals from actualizing their highest potential.

“More.Better.” features an inspiring collection of stories from experts as they discuss both the pitfalls they experienced as well as the methods they used, to achieve their success. The authors come from an eclectic mix of expertise with financial, marketing, athletics, teaching, and leadership and mindset-coaching backgrounds.   The book is currently scheduled to release in January 2013.

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About Helena Reilly:

Helena decided to become a child psychologist at the age of fifteen when it was discovered that she had a unique gift to communicate with children who were experiencing learning and emotional challenges.  She actually began her clinical career doing volunteer work and was closely supervised by leading Harvard Psychologists in Newton, MA.   After completing her graduate work in the Psychological Treatment of Children, Families and Groups, at the University of Chicago, Helena travelled the world in search of a therapeutic modality that would affect lasting transformation.  She discovered the secret that entrainment with sound frequencies facilitated a shift in brainwave states that are the key to all transformation and enhanced productivity.  These quantum sound frequencies could release fear, anxiety and sadness with laser like efficiency allowing people to fulfill a greater potential.  When she realized that her true purpose was to integrate sound frequencies and the law of resonance to create a new paradigm modality, she met her mentor, Robert Lloy.   She discovered then that he was a master creator of Quantum Sound Energy Technology and had been doing foundational research in Sound Frequencies for over 20 years.

About Celebrity Press™:

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