Property Preservation Company, REO ResQ™, Teams With Leading Edge Companies to Recruit REO Agents

REO RESQ™, a property preservation company, teams with full service REO asset management company, Leading Edge Companies, to recruit reo agents and property preservation contractors through The American Society of REO Specialists. 

Orlando, Fla. – July 14, 2009 – Frank Patrick, REO specialist and founder of trash out business franchise, REO ResQ, is currently working with Rod Beever, President of Leading Edge Companies, to recruit new REO agents and Property Preservation Contractors.  REO ResQ™ and Leading Edge Companies, a full service REO asset management and field services company, are recruiting through the REO trade association, The American Society of REO Specialists™ (ASREOS,) specifically through the ASREOS website,

In a recent teleconference call, Frank Patrick and Rod Beever discussed the state of the property preservation and REO industry, especially the growing opportunity for REO specialists to flourish during the current foreclosure increase across the country.

“Any time they (lenders) change the dynamics of their business, and outsource to a company like (Leading Edge Companies,) it opens up the opportunity for new people, who don’t yet have that relationship, to prove themselves,” remarked Frank Patrick.

“I think that’s going to grow.  I think we’ll see less and less business done directly between the agent and the contractor, the bank and contractor, or the bank and the agent.  I think that more business will come from an outsourcers like REO ResQ and Leading Edge Companies,” Patrick continued.

Since the recent nationwide foreclosure moratorium ended, the number of properties foreclosed on my lenders has increased and the number of new foreclosure filings is at an all time high.  As demand grows for field service companies, mortgage field services and trash out businesses, now seems to be the perfect time to start a property preservation company, such as REO RESQ™.

“I believe we have time yet before we get through this onslaught of REO business, I believe it may continue for another 2-5 years,” remarked Beever.  

With the current state of the housing market, banks and financial institutions are finding that preserving and maintaining REO properties can be an overwhelming task. REO ResQ™ provides these companies with trained contractors to secure, clean out and maintain their foreclosed properties until they are sold.

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About REO RESQ™:

REO RESQ™ was begun by two brothers with the perfect blend of credentials – one with an extensive background as a top REO broker, the other with years of experience in construction.   Starting as a small family business in Kansas City, Missouri, REO RESQ™ offered property preservation and default management services to banks, lenders, asset management companies and REO agents.

In the past five years, the success of REO RESQ™ resulted in it becoming the first nationally franchised company providing comprehensive property preservation and asset management services for REO properties.  REO RESQ™ provides the full spectrum of Property Preservation services including:

Inspect – occupancy and property condition inspections

Secure – lock changes, lock box installation, evictions, board ups

Preserve – winterization, emergency repairs, pool service

Prepare – trash & debris removal, janitorial service, landscaping

Repair – repair of minor health and safety issues, code violations

Maintain – ongoing lawn care, maid service and pool maintenance

REO RESQ™ guarantees quality work delivered on your schedule to get your REO listings “ready for market” – and looking their best for a quick sale.  All our franchisees are fully licensed and properly insured – and trained by REO field service experts to provide the level of property preservation service that you desire.  We strive to limit your out-of-pocket expenses while providing world-class service.

REO RESQ™ understands your business – because it’s our business. 

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