Promotional Marketing Expert, Danette Gossett, Helps Her Clients Stay On Their Customer’s Radar, Thus Helping Them Stay Alive.

Owner and President of Gossett Marketing, a leading promotional marketing firm, Danette Gossett, helps her clients remember why their customers might forget about them and offers suggestions for staying top-of-mind and relevant.

MIAMI, FL– October 06, 2021 – Danette Gossett, Founder of Gossett Marketing Communications, Inc., Co-Founder of Promotions Resource, LLC, and co-author of the best-selling book, Transform, recently posted a new article on her website entitled, “Keep Your Business From Falling Off Your Customer’s Radar,” in which Ms. Gossett shares a few statistics along with her professional opinion.

Danette GossettGossett states, “I just ran across some interesting statistics to share with you.” She continues, “Did you know that according to recent research, 80% of consumers forget branded content in just 3 days’ time? More interesting to me than that figure,” writes Gossett, “are the reasons why they forget. First reason is irrelevancy of message (55%). Next is a lack of motivation to remember (35.7%). Thirdly, too much content to retain (30%).”

As Gossett notes, “To me those numbers mean the communication was not specific to the needs of the customer. That there was no reason for the communication – no special, no incentive. And, in the third case it could be the result of several factors, one of which is over-engagement. In other words,” she adds, “TMI! Your business will not survive, let alone thrive if you are not giving your customers and clients good reasons to remember you.”

“The old Bee-Gee’s tune Staying Alive, kept playing on my mind as I thought about these statistics,” Gossett reports, adding “(believe me, I may be showing my age, but I’m not sitting around listening to the Bee Gees!).” She goes on to elaborate, “The way to stay alive in today’s world – this world plagued with COVID-19, this world where no one is sure if it’s safe to commune with others, go to the mall or the theater or to give someone who doesn’t live under your roof a friendly hug – is to stay in touch! You have to stay on your customer’s radar, stay in touch to remain relevant.” As Gossett points out, “In business, we have so many more ways to stay in touch, thanks to the digital age. But, since the onset of the global pandemic, many people are getting tired of their computers and digital devices as the only source of staying in touch. I say it’s time for some businesses to go “old school” to stay in touch with customers and stay alive!”


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About Danette Gossett

Danette brings more than 40 years of experience developing advertising campaigns, direct marketing programs and sales promotions to her clients. Prior to starting her companies, she worked for New York advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi & Lowe Marschalk. Her corporate experience included National Advertising Director for Avis Rent a Car Systems, Inc., and Director of Marketing Services for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.


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