Professional Home Staging, Residential Design and Interior Decorations Expert, MHM Professional Staging CEO, Megan Morris Publishes A New Article Offering Effective Tips on Romancing a Home Sale Out of Your Buyers

Megan Morris, Founder and CEO of residential home staging company, MHM Professional Staging, a sought-after Central Florida firm, features enticing information about setting an emotionally satisfying environment in your home.

Orlando, Fla. – August 17, 2011Megan Morris, Founder and CEO of residential home staging company, MHM Professional Staging, recently published an article on her website, that explains the allure of romance that captures the hearts of home buyers. The article, titled “From Rugged to Romantic,” offers several ideas for utilizing the senses of smell, taste and sight to capture the hearts of your re-sale real estate home buyers.

Morris writes, “Everybody wants to relax. After a difficult day, or week, the most comforting place to come home to is home. Not just a house – an inviting, warm, emotionally and physically comforting home. At MHM Professional Staging, Inc., we are in the business of creating appealing environments that make prospective buyers take a deep breath and say, “Ahhhhhh,” when they walk through the rooms.”

“It’s all about setting the stage to play into your home buyers’ emotions. Because the bottom line is that your real estate buyer prospects will be more likely to sign a contract with you if they are emotionally attached to your home. So hang the lush terry cloth robes in the master bedroom closet (or drape them across the edge of the bathroom’s oversized tub), set out a bottle of wine, and romance your prospective buyers with your professional home staging… Romantic staging can be set in every room. Your kitchen can boast an indulgent pot roast smell, with a fully set table to evoke the family-friendly vibe from parents, or a socially-active feel for singles. The key is to strategically use food, scent, comforting fabrics and other tools for romancing your buyers to purchase your for-sale home,” reports Ms. Morris.

MHM Professional Staging offers a host of home interior staging services to their broad array of clients. Whether you need to position your personal home for sale, create a set design for a TV show or re-designing your hotel lobby space, MHM has the expertise and talent to meet the challenge. CEO Megan Morris leverages the firm’s years of experience to provide clients with superior service, timely design and beautifully finished spaces that attract attention.

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About MHM Professional Staging:

Founded in early 2010, MHM Professional Staging, Inc. has quickly grown into one of the most sought-after professional home staging companies in the Central Florida area.

This highly talented team works with clients with varying budgets to position their home for a successful sale. In today’s competitive real estate market, MHM Professional Staging can drive a buying decision from prospective buyers with a range of interior adjustments.

MHM provides a diversity of services to their valued customers. The talented team can handle any type of design and re-design project, with experience spanning from homes to lobbies, set designs for TV, sales centers and boutique hotels. The company’s leaders take pride in their highly trained and experienced professionals who can handle any complex task to get the job done in an efficient manner. MHM Professional Staging cherishes the continued loyalty of their past customers, and continues to strive forward in meeting the needs of their future customers.

With over a decade of experience, this staging firm’s leadership has built a prestigious reputation for exceeding expectations, getting results, and making a lasting impression.

About Megan Morris:

MHM Professional Staging, Inc. is lead by Megan Morris, CEO and founder. At the lead of the MHM team, Megan has translated strong values into the company’s core mission.

Under Megan’s wisdom, MHM is equipped with the expertise and necessary skills to stage your home in the most visually appealing light.

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