Professional Business Coach, Consultant, and Trainer, Shahab Anari, Featured On New York Business Journal


Best-Selling Author® And Entrepreneur, Shahab Anari was recently featured on New York Business Journal and major online media outlets including Yahoo! Finance, SeekingAlpha, and MarketWatch.

shahabToronto, Ontario, Canada – January 11, 2017 – A feature story about Shahab Anari, a personal branding expert, was recently seen on major business publication New York Business Journal as well as major online publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, SeekingAlpha, MarketWatch, among many other outlets.

A portion of Shahab’s story is below:

A best-selling author®, professional business coach and personal branding strategist, Shahab Anari has helped thousands of “solopreneurs” and small business owners across the world develop their branding, marketing, sales and (most importantly) mindset. As a powerful emerging force in the second fastest growing industry in North America, he believes that one of the great keys to success in any field is finding that “sweet spot” – the place where one’s aptitude meets what the market wants and where one’s passion is. 

His unique clientele ranges from professionals looking for a fulfilling career path to well-established business owners who want to maintain and enhance their brands and businesses. In addition to speaking to corporate and public audiences on such subjects as Personal and Professional Development, he conducts seminars on Personal Branding, Career Success, Self-Esteem, Goals, Planning, Motivation and Leadership – with the aim of bringing about immediate and long-term results that create lasting transformations. He currently has clients in Iran, Canada, the United States, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, among other countries. He offers in person training and coaching in several cities including Tehran, Montreal and Toronto.

Shahab’s services break down into various elements in two distinct areas as a personal branding consultant and professional business coach who does trainings, webinars and one on one coaching. 

“My vision,” he says, “was to become an international coach and speaker and empower as many people as I could to find out what’s unique about them, and to use that uniqueness to help them grow their careers and businesses and transform their lives.”

Anari’s story is being featured across various outlets to highlight his accomplishments and share his inspirational road to success. His journey has led him to be considered a leader in the coaching, consulting, and training industries. Through its media distribution, his story will reach an international audience, enabling him to help even more people with his expertise.

To learn more about Anari and his story seen on New York Business Journal, visit Connect with Shahab on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn where he has more than 30,000 followers.


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