Press: The DOT Physical Exam & Sleep Health Benefits

Orlando DOT Physical Provider and Workflow Employer Services Owner Dr. Brad Levine Publishes New Article About the DOT Physical and Importance of Sleep to Your Health

Dr. Brad Levine, Orlando Chiropractor and owner at Workflow Employer Services releases new article explaining how sleep is important to overall health and thus, your ability to pass the DOT physical.

Altamonte Springs, FL — September 3, 2016 — Workflow Employer Services owner and Orlando area chiropractor Dr. Brad Levine recently published a new article on his website “The DOT Physical and the Importance of Sleep to Your Health.”

As a DOT physical provider, Dr. Levine relays how he is often asked how to improve health quickly. As he says, it’s not surprising since this is such a concern for commercial drivers who need to pass the DOT physical to keep their job.

Specifically, Brad explains, “Since DOT medical certification is required in order to maintain the ability to work, commercial drivers must be even more conscientious and aware regarding their health. Therefore, achieving the best possible overall health state is vital.”

He goes on to share that one of the most overlooked ways to quickly improve health – and increase your likelihood of passing the DOT physical exam and getting DOT medical certification – is to simply get enough sleep.

Dr. Levin adds, “Of course, we have long known sleep is important for many reasons. It makes us think clearer, keeps our emotions in check, improves reaction time, and more. But there are even greater – more important – benefits to health too.”

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Workflow Employer Services has two DOT physical locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs. Both locations offer same day DOT physicals and CDL medical exams along with employee drug testing services. Both DOT physical locations are bilingual and accept DOT physical exam walk-ins.

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