PRESS: Outlining 2 New DOT Physical Exam Changes

Orlando DOT Physical Provider and Workflow Employer Services Owner Dr. Brad Levine Publishes New Article Covering Two DOT Physical Exam Changes in Recent Years

Dr. Brad Levine, Orlando Chiropractor and owner at Workflow Employer Services releases new article examining recent DOT physical exam changes.

Altamonte Springs, FL — October 20, 2016 — Workflow Employer Services owner and Orlando area chiropractor Dr. Brad Levine recently published a new article on his website “2 Big DOT Physical Exam Changes We Have Seen in Recent Years.”

Dr. Brad Levine is a prominent Orlando-area Chiropractor and a certified Department of Transportation physical exam provider. He has two DOT physicals locations – one in Orlando and one in Altamonte Springs.

Dr. Levine is a regular source of information for the public and commercial transport companies regarding DOT physical exam requirements and this latest article updates commercial drivers and other DOT physical providers on recent changes in DOT physical requirements.

One such change he outlines is the availability of driver medical certification records online. Previously, drivers had to always carry their CDL medical card with them, along with their commercial license. However, Dr. Levine shares, that is no longer the case. With the advent of the online database, drivers now only need to carry their medical card with them for the first 30 days after their certification/

Additionally, there were changes in 2015 that went into effect April 20, 2016 restricting who could provide DOT physicals. Dr. Levine expands on this requirement, saying, “As of this date, all certified DOT physical providers must be registered with – and certified by – the FMCSA. DOT physical exam providers can be doctors, chiropractors, PA’s, advanced practice nurses, or doctors of osteopathy. The key and common requirement being they all be on the FMCSA registry.”

The entire article can be found here:

Workflow Employer Services has two DOT physical locations in Orlando and Altamonte Springs. Both locations offer same day DOT physicals and CDL medical exams along with employee drug testing services. Both DOT physical locations are bilingual and accept DOT physical exam walk-ins.

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