Press: Dr. Levine Publishes New Article Sharing Unique Health Apps to Get You Ready for DOT Physical Exam Certification

Health Apps to “Prepare” for the DOT Physical Exam Certification Process

Dr. Brad Levine, Orlando Chiropractor, DOT physicals provider, and owner at Workflow Employer Services releases new article to help prepare commercial drivers for the DOT physical exam certification process by providing apps that help improve health habits.

Altamonte Springs, FL — January 25, 2017 — Workflow Employer Services and DOT physical location owner, Dr. Brad Levine recently published a new article on his website “What Are Some Unique Health Apps to Get You in Peak Condition for Your DOT Physical Exam Certification?”

In the article, Dr. Levine begins by acknowledging that the DOT physical exam certification process can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for the driver. He also answers two basic questions about the DOT physical – how often a commercial driver has to get the medical certification renewed and whether it’s possible to prepare for the DOT physical (or CDL physical exam).

Answering that second question, Dr. Levine explains that while it’s not really possible to prepare for the exam, you can work on improving your health overall to increase the likelihood of a positive physical result. He states:

“Your blood pressure will be tested, as well as your blood sugar and other basic indicators of your overall physical condition. Previous medical conditions will be discussed as well as any medications you are taking. Therefore, in this case, the best preparation is truly prevention—taking care of your health on a regular basis and addressing any health concerns that arise quickly.”

One way he encourages drivers to monitor (and possibly, improve) their health is through the use of modern technology—health apps for mobile devices.

Regarding the apps he shares, Dr. Levine says, “The following apps help you maintain your overall health in many different ways. Since we are already on our phone or other mobile devices so much of the time – and can carry them anywhere – using these apps is essentially “preparing” for your DOT physical without a whole lot of extra effort!”

Some of the more unique examples he shared include an app for those with diabetes that correlates blood sugar with meals eaten to look for patters automatically and one that claims to be able to make you happier. There is even a meditation app that cusses at you, yet claims to reduce stress, and an app that lets you bet and win money for meeting health challenges.

You can read the complete article here with the health apps that may help you prepare for the DOT physical exam certification process at:

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