President of Saladmaster, Ayo Olaseinde, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with “Pay It Forward”

Ayo Olaseinde ranked on an Amazon best-seller list with the new book, “Pay It Forward,” Co-authored with Brian Tracy.


Staffordshire, United Kingdom – March 09, 2021 – Ayo Olaseinde, President of Saladmaster, joined Brian Tracy along with a select group of professionals around the world to co-write the book, Pay It Forward: The world’s leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their biggest lessons to help you achieve greater health, wealth and success.  The book was published by CelebrityPress®, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from ThoughtLeaders® around the world and was released on February 13th, 2021.


On the day of release, Pay It Forward reached best-seller status on Amazon—reaching as high as #16 on the Direct Marketing list.  The expert information shared in Ayo’s chapter, “Why Not ME” has helped the book reach optimal best-seller placement and will help readers gain similar success in their endeavors.


CelebrityPress® describes the book as empowering to all small business owners around the world with the following:

Success can only be measured by your own yardstick. We use the achievement of goals, whatever they may be, to measure and compare our successes. Some measurements may include public recognition or assets we accumulate, perhaps improving the lives of others, or any other goal(s) you set. There are numerous facets to the diamond of success. One facet is that successful people dedicate a part of their lives to helping others, particularly the idea of Paying It Forward.

We often think of everyday life in terms of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” However, this is merely the act of returning the eye, the tooth or the money, in short… a loan repayment that is required and expected. On the other hand, the idea of “paying it forward” is an old concept of repaying a kindness to someone other than the one who helped you in the first instance. Such selfless and often unexpected help expands the circle of helping hands-like the multiple ripples caused by a single rock thrown into water.

The Celebrity Experts® in this book have enjoyed their success and are willing to share their achievements with you. Their coaching and guidance in this book will move you forward to your success easier and faster than if you work entirely on your own. They have the experience that can shorten your trip to the finish line and help you to avoid many of their mistakes.

After such a successful release, Ayo Olaseinde will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.


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A portion of the royalties earned from Pay It Forward will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Fund, an organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.




About Ayo

Ayo Olaseinde’s father is Nigerian, his mother German, and he was born in the UK, what a great combination…

Ayo was six weeks old when his parents took him to Nigeria. He was brought up there and came back to England when he was 18 years old with no qualifications. Today Ayo Olaseinde is a successful businessman who has built an organization that has turned over $500 million worth of merchandise through his past and current business ventures.

During Ayo’s first few years in the UK, he drifted about, and dropped to his lowest point when he ended up homeless sleeping on a friend’s couch, with just a case full of clothes. He had to get a job, so he walked four miles every day to stand outside the bakery to hopefully get a night’s casual labor which would pay $10 a night. Because he worked extremely hard, he was regularly selected as a casual laborer.

One day, whilst walking to the bakery, Ayo asked himself, “Is this my life? Is this what God wanted or intended for me?” Just then, a Mercedes with a family in it drove past. He looked at them and said to himself. “Why me? Why not me? What are they doing that I’m not doing?” That blew his mind. If he stayed at that factory, he would not be able to succeed; that was the day he decided to find another way.

Ayo answered an advert for a job in Direct Sales. This position offered the opportunity for tremendous growth and personal development. He started at the bottom, and within two years, he was running his own branch and built one of the largest Distributorships in the UK, turning over £40,000,000. He ended up running part of the UK operation before deciding to semi-retire.

Ayo was then head-hunted by a 60-year-old American company that operated in 40 countries to start up a new business in the UK. He started on his own, using skills and techniques he had acquired, and built the UK market and expanded into Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, becoming the fastest-growing region with just under 100 outlets and earning the title of ‘Most Valuable Life Changer’ eight years later.

Ayo then became the president of Saladmaster UK, the first entity to be established outside the USA in 70 years. And in 2018, he was made Global President, again the first global president outside of the USA in over 50 plus countries, and the business continues to grow using the same philosophy and skills and techniques he acquired.

So Ayo began his path to get out of that situation in the beginning, and never looked back. In a sense, he continued to keep this simple yet powerful style of thought of asking ‘’Why not me?” in his head at all times.



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