Portland Personal Trainer Kathy Rogers Featured In Portland Business Journal

Kathy Rogers was recently featured on the Portland Business Journal website and other major online media outlets, including Businessweek.com, MarketWatch, Yahoo!Finance and many others.

Portland, OR – March 4, 2014 – A feature story about Kathy Rogers, Owner of Elevation Kinetics, was recently seen on the Portland Business Journal website as well as other major online publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, The Oregonian, MarketWatch, Los Angeles Daily News and Yahoo!Finance, among many others.

Kathy Rogers launched Elevation Kinetics in August 2011 with 12 clients for the first few months, and quickly surpassed her goal of adding two new clients per month via referral by family and friends of happy clients. While Northwest Personal Training was strictly a women’s facility, Rogers for the first time enjoyed working with a clientele that included a balance of men and women. Soon, she built up her schedule and business structure to the point where she had so many clients she could not train them all one on one, so she began doing semi private training of more than one client at a time – the fulfillment of her plan to fill up time slots and divide them.

Her small groups range from 3-5 members and she has found that clients are more inclined to train with their friends and family members than strangers – leading to another unique source of referrals. Some small groups that start out with total strangers evolve into a positive support system that cultivates friendships that extend outside the gym environment.

While Rogers sits down with each client and creates individual plans based on his or her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals, she recently ran (and will run several more in 2014) a six-week transformation program as a contest for her clients, co-workers or anyone else who wants to participate.

Kathy describes her philosophy: “Living a healthy and fit life is essential. My goal is to encourage you to feel your best. The principles of health and fitness are simple, but many people are confused about exactly what it takes to achieve their goals. I will educate you about exercise, nutrition, and effective ways to reach your highest potential. This will help you to increase your energy, motivation, and confidence.”

“When you live fit you can accomplish any goal you set and conquer every challenge you face. Now is your time to realize and fulfill your dreams; love, rejoice, thrive, and be the best you can possibly be,” she continued.

The feature story about Kathy Rogers that was seen in the Portland Business Journal can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.elevationkinetics.com/News_Bio.html

Learn more about Kathy Rogers at www.ElevationKinetics.com

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