Personal Coach and Business Mentor Expert, Matthew Linklater, Emphasizes Attention to Effective Sales and Marketing Practices in Business

Matthew Linklater, author of Quick Witted: Saying the Right Thing to Win Big and trainer in the areas of business and personal success, writes about the critical factors in driving business to your open office doors – sales and marketing.

Chicago, IL – December 10, 2010– Matthew Linklater, certified practitioner and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, expert in Time Line TherapyTM, hypnotist, speaker and author, recently published a blog on his website ( debunking the 1989 baseball film’s well known phrase, ‘if you build it, he will come’. The blog, titled “If You Build It… He Won’t Come Without Sales & Marketing,” argues that clients are obtained by expertly orchestrated sales and marketing efforts on the business owner’s part, as well as the well trained staff.

Linklater writes, “Do you have the mentality in your business that if you build it, the perfect customer will just walk in your door, followed by a team of others? You have spent years perfecting your craft, developing your trade, and now you’ve got your office set up and ready for business. But there are two pivotal skills that must be mastered before clients will come knocking on your doors: sales and marketing.”

“We consider sales and marketing the two black holes that must be filled to maintain a successful business. Without them, your business may never fully be made known to your target market consumer segment. But where do you start? How can you determine which advertising efforts you are currently pouring money into, really work? Where do you start in building brand awareness for your small business, so you can drive sales and your bottom line?” argues Linklater.

Matthew Linklater and Denise Wayman are co-founders of and former Vice Presidents of three fortune 100 companies and are accomplished motivational speakers and life-changers.  Authors of three books, Quick Witted: Saying The Right Thing to Win Big, Basic Training: Sales Boot Camp, and Counter Attack with legendary Brian Tracy, these two Sales Gurus combine extensive business experience with their expertise as certified master practitioners, trainers and coaches of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in conjunction with Time Line TherapyTM to help you exceed your sales goals!

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About Matthew Linklater and Denise Wayman:

Matthew Linklater, and his business partner and fiancée, Denise Wayman, help clients with personal development, positive thinking and action orientation – teaching others to effectively identify and grab hold of their dreams. In addition to their specializations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Time Line TherapyTM, this high-impact duo utilizes their expertise in hypnosis for their clientele’s personal and professional development and training. The dynamic success mentoring team works with individual clients on their career goals as well as business teams on sales and performance goals, to manifest extraordinary success for top-line growth and bottom-line profits. Together, Matthew and Denise have a revolutionary Live Your Vision process that aligns mind, body and spirit in the right direction for success.

As Authors, Speakers and Success Coaches, Matthew Linklater and Denise Wayman offer powerful business consulting and high-impact personal coaching. They have trained business leaders to increase in the critical areas of sales coaching, building instant rapport with others, 3D Communication for negotiation and conflict resolution, motivation of team members, goal achievement, product scripting and leadership. This team’s personal coaching methods incorporate powerful NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy®, the Live Your Vision experience and the Ericksonian Hypnosis method.

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