Pain Management Physician, Dr. Olivia Ong, Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress® To Co-Author “Soul of Success Vol 3” with Jack Canfield.

Dr. Olivia Ong will team up with other leading entrepreneurs and professionals, including Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield, to release the new book, “Soul of Success Vol 3,” which brings together successful entrepreneurs to offer advice as a catalyst to success.

Melbourne, Australia, December 28, 2021 – Pain Management Physician, Dr. Olivia Ong recently signed a publishing deal to co-write the forthcoming book titled Soul of Success Vol 3, published by CelebrityPress® LLC. In addition to Dr. Ong’s expertise, the publication features content from world-renowned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield. The book will be released under the CelebrityPress® LLC imprint, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from ThoughtLeaders® around the world.


Dr. Olivia Ong was selected to be in the book because of her commitment to professional success and willingness to share her vast knowledge. Her professional expertise makes her an asset to the publication and will surely benefit a wide range of readers.

Soul of Success Vol 3 is tentatively scheduled for release in Spring 2022.


A portion of the royalties earned from Soul of Success Vol 3 will be donated to Entrepreneur’s International Fund, an organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.

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About Dr. Olivia

Known as the Heart-Centered Doctor, Dr. Olivia Ong is a life and business coach for doctors, resilience leadership consultant, speaker, author, and pain management physician with a thriving medical practice in Melbourne, Australia.

After a severe car accident in 2008, when Dr. Ong was told she would never walk again as a paraplegic, she began walking three years later, is about to write her second book, and runs programs helping doctors transform their lives from burnout to brilliance.

Dr. Ong’s global mission is to help fellow doctors who are suffering from emotional and physical burnout to discover the benefits of self-compassion – not just for themselves, but for their patients too.

Dr. Ong is incredibly proud of the Life Transformation for Doctors program she launched at the beginning of 2021. As a life and business coach for doctors, Dr. Ong helps busy, high-achieving heart-centered doctors avoid burnout and exhaustion and achieve balanced energy and wellbeing. Dr. Ong has developed a 7-step Heart-Centered Method which includes mind, heart, body, internal and external self-care strategies for burnout prevention and recovery to help her clients thrive at work and at home without the burnout.

Her first book is The Heart-Centeredness of Medicine, for which Jack Canfield wrote the foreword. Dr. Ong wrote it because she has not only seen and heard about way too many doctors who were on the verge of burnout due to stress and overwork – she has actually been one of them. Dr. Ong is committed to helping doctors find their way back home to their hearts, where they can lead the heart-centred lives they truly deserve.

Dr. Ong speaks about the pandemic fatigue, stress syndrome, and burnout in frontline healthcare workers and how they can utilize self-compassion to overcome burnout. She offers workshops and speaking engagements on burnout, resilience, and compassionate leadership so that doctors can stay in the game longer as compassionate leaders and leave a positive legacy for upcoming generations of young doctors to benefit from.

Her second book, Quantum Leap your Life: The 12 keys to go from Burnout to Joy, Fulfillment & Balance is due out in early 2022.

Dr. Ong has appeared in the media regularly, including Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, International Business Times, Australian Business Journal, Influencive, and Auspreneur. Dr. Ong has been a guest on multiple podcasts such as KevinMD and Everyday Medicine.

Specializing in both Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Medicine, Dr. Ong has extensive experience in both specialties. She is a professional keynote speaker in the healthcare industry. Through her public and private practice, Dr. Ong empowers her patients with the knowledge and medical and holistic pain management treatments to manage their chronic pain so that they can lead fulfilling lives.

As a pain physician, Dr. Ong sees more than 1000 patients each year in Melbourne, has been married to her husband for 15 years, and has two children, a son aged 6 and a daughter, aged 1.


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