Outside Marketing Consultant, Rod Walker, Featured on E!


Outside Marketing Consultant, Rod Walker, Featured on E!

Rod Walker, Outside Marketing Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur, was recently seen on E! Network affiliates around the country in his feature created by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers®. 

Salem, OR – March 21, 2017 – Rod Walker, Best-Selling Author® and Entrepreneur, was recently featured by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers® at the ThoughtLeader® Summit in September of 2016 in a short film highlighting the acceptance of his Quilly® Award. It was filmed at various historic sites and locations throughout Los Angeles, California including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The film featuring Walker recently aired on E! Network affiliates across the country.

About Rod Walker: 

Growing up, Rod Walker’s family moved around so much that he joked that his parents were like “black gypsies,” relocating in different cities every few years. Born in Chicago, he moved to Houston at age seven, then to the Bay Area at 13 before heading on to Sacramento for a handful of years before settling in Portland, Oregon – where Rod has now lived and worked for 20 years. Learning to adapt to change from an early age has proven to be an advantage in his adult life and career. That same type of restless spirit that inspired his parents to move so many times drives Rod’s multi-faceted success as an entrepreneur.

He enrolled in college to study for an MBA but dropped out quickly, deciding that the things he learned eventually starting his own business would be his “college.” While working a steady job as a UPS driver, his entrepreneurial juices started flowing – spurred along by a doctor’s wrong diagnosis, telling him he had an incurable autoimmune disease. He made a clean break from his “day job” and got involved in a network marketing company that used an ecommerce platform to sell financial planning products.

After learning a great deal about business, money and success from the perspective of the multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and company owners he became involved with, Rod decided he was ready to launch his own company. Rod launched an event planning company that quickly evolved into a high end one-stop-shop wedding business, with an array of ten in-house services. Drawing on his innate marketing skills, he created many unique cross promotions, including one with Men’s Wearhouse. In the six years he was in business – first with a partner and then on his own – Rod handled the details of close to 400 weddings throughout Oregon. He especially loved the start-up phase, the opportunity of creating something substantial from the ground up. He learned the importance of marketing and systems, being prepared for unexpected challenges, and that “there’s not a lot of room for excuses.”

The market downturn in the late 2000’s, as well as personal and business failures, forced him to shift gears. Rod began working with a couple of friends who specialized in the healthcare treatment programs. At one point, he also bought a dental assistant trade school. While continuing to work in the healthcare field, he is now also engaged in outside marketing and consulting for other businesses, building his clientele via word of mouth.

More about Rod Walker:

Walker’s expertise in his field led to an invite to Los Angeles, CA to film a short feature in Hollywood, CA to tell his and his business’s story. Walker’s feature has been seen by viewers across the country, and has undoubtedly inspired many.



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