Orlando Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Roger Murray, MD, Offers “Beauty Bail-Out Package” at The Murray Center

Dr. Roger Murray, MD, an Orlando-based cosmetic and vascular surgeon, is offering several special money-saving opportunities for patients at The Murray Center in Orlando, Fla. during the month of January. 

Orlando, Fla. –January 20, 2009 – Dr. Roger Murray, MD, an Orlando-based cosmetic and vascular surgeon has recently announced a “Beauty Bail-Out Package” for patients at his facility in Orlando, Fla., The Murray Center.  Taking a cue from the United States Government, Dr. Murray came up with this “bail-out” package to save as much money as possible for his loyal clients, during the month of January.  

Dr. Murray recently wrote in his monthly e-zine, “Let’s face it, nothing either you or I do, is going to change the situation our country is now in, so as is always the case in life the only thing you can change is yourself. My Dad always said ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’. Here is our offering for the New Year, a change you will be able to see. The theme of this event will be to save you money!” 

The “Beauty Bail-Out Package” consists of several new money saving opportunities.  First, The Murray Center will now be accepting several healthcare plans.  Dr. Murray has recently implemented the following plans: Golden Rule, Humana, Aetna, Medicare, Champ VA, and Indemnity Plans. He has also applied and been preliminarily approved for the following Plans: BCBS, Cigna, and UHC.  Next, The Murray Center will be offering hundreds of dollars worth of discounts on popular procedures such as Silhouette Thread Face Lifts, Brow Lifts and High-Definition Rapid Laser Lipodissolve. 

In addition, Dr. Murray will be establishing the Botox Bank.  Dr. Murray explains, “Every time you refer a relative or friend who comes in for a complimentary consultation or gets Botox injections you earn 5 units of Botox. We will put this into your account and when you have earned 25 units you may use these units on your face. We promise that we will not leverage these by buying derivatives on margin calls or purchase any corporate jets. These units will stay in your bank account and be part of the Murray Beauty Bail out Program.” 

For more information about Dr. Murray and The Murray Center, please visit http://www.themurraycenter.com.


About Dr. Roger Murray: 

Dr. Roger Murray, M.D. is an Orlando, Fla. based cosmetic surgeon, specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and is an expert in scar minimization techniques, aesthetics and anti-aging.   He has been in medical practice for 30 years and has recently trademarked Telemorx™, a daily supplement he created to help provide a boost of energy for patients who complained of feeling tired and run down.  Dr. Murray recently passed the board certifications administered by the American Board of Phlebology, and was given the honor of being named a Fellow of Phlebology. 

Roger Y. Murray, M.D. graduated from Medical University of South Carolina, after which he did an internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Family Practice.  He became board certified in Family Practice, and recently passed his boards in Phlebology.  He has been in private practice in Altamonte Springs and recently moved to South Orlando. He has been the past Vice President of the American Society of Phlebectomy and recently served his term as President of the American College of Phlebology Surgery Section.  He co-authored the book Practice without Fear and wrote the book Forever Young and Healthy. His new book, which is due out next year, will describe a quantum leap in the delivery and cure of medicine and disease and will be titled

Tele-Kinesthesiology. His hobbies are marble carving and photography, which has enabled him to have the unique esthetic touch that he is so well known for. He currently teaches cosmetic procedures in his office and is a trainer teaching physicians how to enhance the face with Scultra (Sanofi-Aventis.)


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