Orlando Real Estate Marketing Firm Lucky Buys Yucky Houses™ Introduces Website To Sell Your House

Lucky Buys Yucky Houses introduces www.MyYuckyHouse.com, a new website designed to purchase homes for cash as well as provide leads for real estate investors.

 Orlando, Fla. – April 18, 2008– Lucky Buys Yucky Houses™, an Orlando, Fla. based real estate marketing, coaching and consulting company, is introducing a new website providing a place for home owners to sell their houses quickly, and for cash.  This website, http://www.MyYuckyHouse.com, will also provide real estate investors with reliable leads while helping home owners get out of “Yucky” situations.

 www.MyYuckyHouse.com specializes in buying houses for cash, regardless of financial situations or the actual condition of the house.  Homeowners wishing to sell their house “as-is” and quickly will be able to receive an offer on their house in less than 24 hours.  In some cases, sellers have been able to close in as little as 7 days.

 When asked “Who sells houses through MyYuckyHouse.com?” owner Sean Flanagan said, “We’ve bought houses from folks going through foreclosure, divorce, and bankruptcy.  In addition, we buy inherited houses that are stuck in probate or estate, houses from landlords who are tired of renters, owners behind on house payments, people looking to relocate and needing to sell fast, vacant houses that neighbors want fixed up and just generally trashy houses that need a new owner and some TLC.   Our sellers do not meet any certain criteria.  If you need to sell your house fast, for whatever reason, we’re interested in buying it.”

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 About Sean Flanagan, Lucky Buys Yucky Houses:

 Sean Flanagan is recognized as an expert in real estate and marketing. Over the past decade he has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions. His success had largely been contributed to his ability to market much more creatively than the competition. Sean Flanagan’s marketing expertise continues to fuel his company, along with dozens of licensees across the country, with a stream of motivated sellers that are second to none in the industry. Flanagan Properties, known for their catchy trademark and marketing with the use of Lucky Buys Yucky Houses®, offers affiliate opportunities for qualified real estate investors and investment companies seeking an abundance of leads from highly motivated sellers in their market.



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