Orlando Marketing and Branding Agency Hired by Bilingual America™ to Expand Business

Dicks Nanton Agency has recently been hired by Ricardo González, founder and executive director of Bilingual America™, to “Celebrity Brand” González, expand his reach and increase his visibility to the corporate world and beyond.

Orlando, Fla. – April 29, 2008- Ricardo González, founder and executive director of Bilingual America has been called “America’s Best Spanish Teacher” and is an expert in adult Spanish and English language acquisition and cultural management communications. González has recently hired the nation’s leading marketing and branding agency, Dicks Nanton Agency, to expand his business and reach, thus expanding his accessibility to those who can benefit from his expertise in Spanish or English training as well as cultural management training programs.

Dicks Nanton Agency specializes in “Celebrity Branding™” its clientele. They will work alongside Ricardo González to position him as the go-to expert in Latino/Anglo business relations.

“Ricardo González is one of the most respected consultants and speakers in the field of Anglo/Latino business and leadership development. We look forward to helping him expand his reach and visibility so he can spread his message to the masses that need to hear what he has to say. Every company in America could benefit from his insights and we intend to give them the opportunity to know Ricardo González and work with him,” Nick Nanton, CEO of Dicks Nanton Agency, said

Founder and Executive Director Ricardo González said, “I am excited to be working with Dicks Nanton Agency to help increase our influence to help both Anglos and Latinos develop highly successful business relations. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the professionalism, insight and entrepreneurial spirit of Dicks Nanton Agency, and I’m confident that our partnership will be very positive.”

For more information about Bilingual America™ and Ricardo González, please visit http://www.BilingualAmerica.com

About Dicks Nanton Agency:

Dicks Nanton Agency LLC is a marketing, media and branding agency that specializes in Celebrity Branding™ entrepreneurs and professionals as experts in their field of business and helps them expand nationwide. JW Dicks, Esq. & Nick Nanton, Esq., attorneys by trade and entrepreneurs by choice, focus on helping their clients expand and make more money using specific proprietary systems including Franchises, Exclusive Marketing Licenses™, Online Marketing Platforms™ and other creative business strategies. For more information about Dicks Nanton Agency LLC visit www.dicksnantonagency.com.

About Bilingual America™:

Bilingual America was founded in 1992 by Ricardo González. Under his leadership, Bilingual America has grown to be a highly respected Language and Cultural Management training organization both domestically and internationally. Bilingual America has been a pioneer in the Spanish and English language industry by the creation of comprehensive courseware and tutoring processes specifically designed for today’s busy professional adult.

González has been called by many “America’s Best Spanish Teacher™” because of his ability to make language learning a highly successful endeavor for adult professionals. Ricardo González is an expert in the fields of language acquisition and cultural management communications and has conducted training sessions for organizations such as Georgia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company, Certainteed, The Atlanta Braves, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Smithfield Foods, Insulate America, Masco Contractor Services, Gingrich Communications, The Arthritis Foundation, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and many more. He is the author and course developer of SpanishPower™, Inglés Poderoso™, Líderes Exitososand Success with Hispanics™. His newest book, Café con Milk – How To Brew Wildly Successful Business Relations with Latinos is due for release summer of 2008. For more information on Ricardo González visit www.BilingualAmerica.com and www.TheGonzálezReport.com.


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