Orlando Home Healthcare Provider Keep My Parents At Home™ Lists Technologies to Improve Senior Care

Keep My Parents At Home™ founder Raymond Reiss, discusses home-based technologies that can improve senior care

Orlando, Fla. – May 13, 2008 – In an article on the newly-launched website, http://www.KeepMyParentsAtHome.com Orlando, Fla. based home healthcare provider, Keep My Parents At Home™ founder Raymond Reiss wrote about speaking with Majd Alwan from The Center for Aging Services Technologies about new aging service technologies.  According to Alwan, there are three categories that such technologies fall under: “safety/environment,” “health and wellness,” and “social connectedness.”

 Those that fall into the “safety/environment” category are designed to detect or prevent falls. These can either be pendant or wristbands equipped with an emergency push button, or they could be devices that are “embedded in the environment.” The embedded technology can detect floor vibrations, or motions and images.  As for “health and wellness,” there are systems that can monitor glucose, blood pressure and even sleep disturbance and restlessness. The systems can then send that information to selected health care providers.  Lastly, under “social connectedness,” seniors, who try devices such as Nintendo’s Wii, appear to be hooked despite the out of pocket expenses. There are also video equipped phones that help seniors stay in touch with family members.

 Raymond Reiss, Founder and CEO said in the article “We keep up with all the latest technologies and are familiar with many of those inventions which are currently being marketed, or under development. We want to keep our clients up to date with the latest because we believe it is one key to reducing senior care cost and improving quality of care.”

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 About Keep My Parents At Home™:

 Keep My Parents At Home™ is a comprehensive solution for adult children looking for alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living facilities for their aging parents.  Keep My Parents at Home™ affords its clients all the benefits of a comprehensive network of quality, responsive healthcare providers while allowing its clients to remain personally involved in the well being and comfort of loved ones.  

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