Orlando Foreclosure Expert Andy Tolbert Gets “Foreclosed on” by Obama

Orlando’s Premier Foreclosure Expert Andy Tolbert Asked to Appear on Good Morning America but Gets Bumped by Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

Orlando, Fla.- October 30, 2008
– In a twist of fate, Orlando foreclosure expert Andy Tolbert got “foreclosed on” herself by two powerhouses, Barack Obama and Sara Palin. Tolbert had been selected by ABC Producers to appear on Good Morning America this morning to give her advice and opinion about the Orlando housing market and foreclosures, which have accelerated. Unfortunately, at the last minute she got a call from the shows producers advising her she had been bumped by Obama and Palin who had their own news to tell.

Although interviews with Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin took priority, Tolbert was still excited by the whole event. “It was fun and exciting while it lasted and it’s still a great opportunity that I was even considered for the show! I was hoping I was going to get my 15 minutes of fame as well as help some people understand what’s going on today in the Orlando market with foreclosures but that didn’t happened this time. What can you do? If you’re going to get bumped who better than a couple of Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates!” Andy Tolbert said.

Andy Tolbert, a real estate agent and expert in foreclosures, was found through her website, a CelebritySite™ designed by Dicks Nanton & Glass Celebrity Branding Agency, when ABC Producers were searching for guests for Good Morning America. Tolbert, a 10-year veteran in the real estate market, speaks around the state on foreclosures helping those being affected.
“I guess good website promotion can really pay off” Tolbert added.

For more information about Andy Tolbert and her foreclosure seminars visit www.AndyTolbert.com.

About Andy Tolbert:
Andy Tolbert has been in the real estate industry for over a decade. She has been in the mortgage business since 1995, holds an active real estate license since 1998, has been training others for over six years and has personally been investing in real estate for nine years. Andy Tolbert’s specialty is investor financing and restructuring to maximize profitability and cash flow. She and her husband Tim have a combined 22 years of mortgage experience and owned their own FHA approved Correspondent Lender for almost six years. Andy Tolbert is founder and immediate past president of Investors Resource Center, Orlando.

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