Orlando Doctor Launches New Health Care Franchise

After developing his first product, Telemorx™, Murray got interested in creating an entire product line. “I had a lot of patients who came into the office feeling run down and had a general lack of energy. I had a formula I had been working on that I thought would really give them a great boost of energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. The results proved even better than I had hoped, and their excitement drove me to more research as well as to develop new products to help with the problems I was hearing from many patients day in and day out,” said Murray.

“The Dr. Murray’s Natureceuticals™ Franchise is unique because a doctor buying a franchise does not have to open another office or buy equipment to launch his health care line, he just starts making it available to his current patients in his current office,” said JW Dicks, the business/franchise attorney who is advising Murray on the franchise growth. “It is a relatively new business structure and is more like a business inside an existing business than a start-up franchise. It works great for both the doctor and the patient,” continued Dicks.

To read about the research Dr. Murray has done or for a list of current products visit www.DrMurranysonline.com.

For further information on the Dr. Murray’s Natureceuticals™ Franchises, please visit www.DrMurraysFranchise.com

About Dr. Roger Murray

Dr. Roger Y. Murray has been practicing in and around Orlando, FL for over 25 years and through his vast offering of products and services, Murray is dedicated to helping his clients live “Forever Young and Healthy,” no matter what their age. Murray is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and became board certified in 1980.

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