Orlando Based Board Certified Phlebologist, Dr. Roger Murray, Offers the Only Lipocavitron Treatment Facility in the USA.

The Murray Center, an Orlando-based phlebology and aesthetic surgery facility, is the only facility in the U.S. to utilize a Lipocavitron machine, a groundbreaking, non-invasive tool to dissolve fat cells. 

Orlando, Fla. – March 17, 2010 – Dr. Roger Murray, MD, Orlando-based Board certified Phlebologist (Vein Surgeon) and a pioneer in the use of Ambulatory Phlebectomy and EVLT, recently posted to his website’s blog, (http://www.TheMurrayCenter.com/blog), a detailed explanation of his exclusive Lipocavitron and Ultrasonic-Lipodissolve procedures.  The Murray Center, in Orlando, Florida, is the only facility in America that utilizes a Lipocavitron machine.  

Lipocavitron is a 29 KHz ultrasound devise that puts sound waves very superficially through your skin. It is totally painless and has no adverse side effects whatsoever.  There are thousands of these machines currently being used throughout Europe, but only one has made its way to the United States.  Dr. Murray’s facility in Orlando has been using this procedure successfully for several years. 

Dr. Murray has recently begun combining the Lipocavitron machine with his Lipodissolve procedure to produce some astounding results. French Physician, Dr. Thierry Marechal, was one of the first physicians to combine the two procedures.  

“It appears that when he used his Lipocavitron machine alone he was getting an average loss of 5.5 cm (2 ¼ inches) and when he used the Lipodissolve alone he was having an average loss of 8 cm (3 inches), but when he combined the two treatments, his average loss was an astounding 13.5 cm (5 ¼ inches)! That is remarkable for a non-invasive procedure. I personally think that is very close to traditional Liposuction. We have already begun the using Lipocavitron in conjunction with Lipodissolve on our patients and the results are pretty amazing,” wrote Dr. Murray.    

“We now have this technology we are offering this to our patients – if you want to lose 5 ¼ inches off of your abdomen this is probably the least expensive and non invasive tool ever,” continued Dr. Murray. 

Dr. Murray’s blogs offer several short summaries of varying topics relevant to his practice.  Recently, some of these topics include what’s new in medicine, cell phones and Alzheimer’s disease and Werners Disease, among others.  Dr. Murray specializes in anti-aging, cosmetic surgery, vascular surgery, phlebology and family practice, among others.

For more information about The Murray Center visit http://www.themurraycenter.com

The Murray Center is located at 7932 West Sand Lake Rd. Ste 306, Orlando, Fla. 


About Dr. Roger Murray: 

Dr. Roger Murray, M.D. is an Orlando, Fla. based cosmetic surgeon, specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and is an expert in scar minimization techniques, aesthetics and anti-aging.   He has been in medical practice for 30 years and has recently trademarked Telemorx™, a daily supplement he created to help provide a boost of energy for patients who complained of feeling tired and run down.  Dr. Murray recently passed the board certifications administered by the American Board of Phlebology, and was given the honor of being named a Fellow of Phlebology. 

Roger Y. Murray, M.D. graduated from Medical University of South Carolina, after which he did an internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Family Practice.  He became board certified in Family Practice, and recently passed his boards in Phlebology.  He has been in private practice in Altamonte Springs and recently moved to South Orlando. He has been the past Vice President of the American Society of Phlebectomy and recently served his term as President of the American College of Phlebology Surgery Section.  He co-authored the book Practice without Fear and wrote the book Forever Young and Healthy. His new book, which is due out next year, will describe a quantum leap in the delivery and cure of medicine and disease and will be titled

Tele-Kinesthesiology. His hobbies are marble carving and photography, which has enabled him to have the unique esthetic touch that he is so well known for. He currently teaches cosmetic procedures in his office and is a trainer teaching physicians how to enhance the face with Scultra (Sanofi-Aventis.)

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