Onetime Florida Keys Nine Ball Champ Blair Thein Creates Reality Show “Pool Poker and Pain”

Blair Thein Combines Action Packed Worlds of Pool, Poker and Mixed Martial Arts To Create The Next Hit Reality Show “Pool Poker and Pain.”

Palm Bay, FL – There’s really no way to sugar coat it–Blair Thein’s extraordinary concept for the next super hit reality TV show begins and ends with balls.

The onetime Florida Keys Nine Ball champion is making sports and entertainment history combining three of the world’s most dynamic, action packed sports on “Pool, Poker & Pain,” a show featuring multi-talented athletes showing what they’ve got at the billiards table, the poker table and—to blow off pent-up steam and maybe take revenge on those who just beat them—Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combat in a cage dubbed the “Circle of Pain.”

The only reality show to date that features the high stakes energy of the pool room environment, “Pool, Poker & Pain”—produced by Thein’s company Team Believe Promotions—will have 16-20 multi-talented athlete contestants gathering in Florida and boarding Thein’s decked out, sponsorship rich “Hustle Bus,” which will cruise across the country hitting famous pool rooms, casinos and MMA gyms. They will end up in Las Vegas by the fourth or fifth episode, living in a mansion where they will have crash course training in all three disciplines with top coaches. The action takes place at a large nearby facility called the “Pool, Poker & Pain” compound. Two contestants at a time will go straight from the pool table to the poker table and then into the cage.

In his quest to further develop “Pool, Poker & Pain” and bring it to television, Thein cultivated key partnerships with two prominent creative and marketing forces, Brand In Entertainment and Emmy winning (and multiple Emmy nominated) cinematographer Doug Stanley of Ridgeline Entertainment.

About those other “balls”…For Thein, developing the show has been a labor of love with a deep learning curve over the past seven years. Believing that the final step of making this reality series a weekly TV reality is a matter of timing, luck and guts, he is seeking a network and top brand sponsors that believe in the show—plus “one lucky aggressive investor with some balls that wants to be involved on the ground floor of this worldwide sports explosion.”

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