Oklahoma Financial Consulting Expert Kyle Blackburn Publishes New Article Discussing Financial Planning

Kyle Blackburn, President of Blackburn Financial Group, an Oklahoma Financial Consulting Firm, notes that in these turbulent economic times, a solid financial plan is more important than ever.

Oklahoma City, OK – February 22, 2013 – Kyle Blackburn, President of Blackburn Financial Group, an Oklahoma Financial Consulting Firm, recently published an article on his website (http://www.blackburnfinancial.com) discussing the current economic climate. The article, titled “Uncertainty and Higher Taxes” urges business owners to take action in order to achieve success in 2013.

Kyle Blackburn writes, “The reality is that uncertainty makes it difficult to plan for the future. Whether you’re seeking to grow your business or to solidify your family’s financial future, the fewer the variables you face, the more accurate your plans can be.”

Blackburn Financial Group specializes in financial and estate planning, as well as comprehensive business planning. Blackburn Financial Group offers leadership, expertise, and a network of professionals to assist in the successful development of a financial plan to fulfill your individual needs.

The entire article can be found at http://www.blackburnfinancial.com/articles/uncertainty-and-higher-taxes.php

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About Kyle Blackburn:

Kyle and his father, David, started Blackburn Insurance in 1985. Kyle was in charge of computer illustrations and product support. Over the years and after looking at tens of thousands of printouts and statements, he has become perhaps the most knowledgeable product and universal life specialist in the country. Kyle is very clever at case design, using various combinations of annuities, immediate annuities, rated immediate annuities, and various life insurance products to generate tremendous income for people or maximize the benefit for their heirs. Kyle feels extremely lucky to be able to lead such an extraordinary team of people in this competitive market.

Contact Kyle at: [email protected] or 800-782-3580 x 225

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