NYC’s Top Tech/Startup Executive Search Professional Dave Carvajal Is A Hands-On Builder Of Billion Dollar Businesses

Following His Success with Multi-Million Dollar Enterprises HotJobs and TheLadders, Carvajal’s Dave Partners Works Exclusively With the Top 1% of A+ Executive Leadership

New York, NY – November 12, 2016 – On track to become an investment banker in the early ’90s, Dave Carvajal spent two years at Prudential dealing with interest rate swaps, derivatives and risk management strategies. Realizing that he wanted to work with people and not spreadsheets, he rethought his career path and decided to leave investment banking behind.

Carvajal was drawn to a newspaper ad that read, “Life is tremendous! Come be a Superstar!” He thought it was cheesy, took the bait and began working for a top New York City executive search firm. At 24, Carvajal wasn’t aware that the headhunting industry existed. He soon found he was the perfect fit. He learned everything he could about the business from 40 of the best and brightest headhunters. Working six days a week and making hundreds of Sunday calls 24 hours ahead of his colleagues, he became the company’s top producer within eighteen months.

This set the foundation for a powerful career trajectory in the executive recruiting industry. Carvajal developed his own high-growth companies, HotJobs and TheLadders, before becoming a hands-on builder of billion dollar businesses as the CEO of Dave Partners, a leading boutique executive search firm in New York’s Internet, eCommerce and digital media spaces. The firm has helped fill C-level leadership positions and assemble teams for major startups everywhere from NYC to San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. The firm’s clients include Tumblr, Moveable Ink, Shutterstock and many others.

In the midst of the 2009 credit crisis, the headhunting industry was collapsing to a fraction of its size. Many top headhunters bolted for large corporate HR departments. During the chaos, Carvajal sensed an opportunity. He believed technology could create the prosperity and abundance necessary to pull our economy out of the gutter. He also predicted that New York City would become a thriving metropolis for internet and tech-enabled startups. Fueled by these insights, he launched Dave Partners as a capstone venture and labor of love with the vision of helping secure the best leadership teams for the companies that are making the world better and building a better future for us all. The company has subsequently served as a key architect of the burgeoning New York technology ecosystem.

Over the years, Carvajal – now considered the top tech/startup executive search professional in New York City – has emerged as a world-renowned thought leader of the executive recruitment space. He is an expert on board formation and the building of world class executive teams, exclusively comprised of Top 1% A+ Executive Leadership, primed to conquer entire industries and markets. Carvajal’s firm has a dynamic cross-section of clients, from large corporations that rely on Dave Partners to build executive teams to smaller stage companies that Carvajal has helped grow and thrive.

Some of the most transformative, disruptive companies in the world have sought out Carvajal and his decades of experience at the forefront of organizational strategy, execution and executive leadership. In addition to his team’s dedication and comprehensive, analytical approach to executive recruiting, another key advantage startups have found in working with Dave Partners is the firm’s speed and efficiency.

Carvajal paved the way for Dave Partners with his success leading two top Internet based recruitment companies, HotJobs and TheLadders. With HotJobs, he had the opportunity to build a company that capitalized on the Internet’s growing impact on the business world. As Co-Founder, he built HotJobs to 650 employees, $125 million in revenues IPO and $1.2 billion dollar market capitalization before its sale to Yahoo! for nearly $500 million.

He then decided to team up with some of his hires at HotJobs and build another company called TheLadders. In five years, he grew the company to 400 employees and $80 million in revenues and, just as with HotJobs, it became, as Carvajal says, “the hottest game in town.” With its consumer-driven subscription model, TheLadders turned the HotJobs model on its head.

Combined with his deep understanding of what drives professional high performance at different kinds of companies, the foundation of Carvajal’s success is his love for people and his genuine interest in the high performance of top executives who are solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

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