Nick Nemeth, A Dallas Tax Attorney, Has Just Published A New Article Warning That The IRS Exploits Taxpayer Ignorance

The Founder of a Dallas Tax Law Firm, Nick Nemeth, warns taxpayers not to face the IRS alone.

Dallas, TX –July 3, 2014As the leader of his tax firm located in Dallas, Nick Nemeth just published a new article discussing IRS tactics on his website. The article, titled “Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of: Here Are Common Strategies That The IRS Uses” explains that IRS collection tactics can be brutal.

Nemeth writes, “No taxpayer wants to get stuck in a dispute with the Internal Revenue Services. The IRS is known for its intimidating tactics and brutal collection process. And because the tax code is hopelessly complicated, the IRS knows that the average taxpayer doesn’t fully understand it, and therefore the IRS can get away with a lot more than they should be able to.

In this article we cover five ways that the IRS takes advantage of taxpayers. Don’t let this happen to you – make sure to have an experienced tax attorney on your team!

1) The IRS knows that no taxpayer can fully understand the complex tax code. The tax code is impossibly complicated, and the IRS knows that most taxpayers today don’t have a thorough understanding. So they’ll take advantage of your lack of knowledge, fully aware that you may be leaving money on the table in your tax controversy. Don’t take on the IRS without a tax lawyer on your side.

2) You have rights but the IRS won’t always tell you about them. As a taxpayer, you do have rights in a dispute with the IRS. But the IRS knows that you may not be aware of your rights, and they will often take advantage of this ignorance in order to gain an advantage in your dispute. It’s important to have an attorney on your team to hold the IRS accountable.

3) If you provide extra information to the IRS, they will take advantage of it. Many taxpayers mistakenly give the IRS more information than they asked for. The IRS doesn’t care if this was a mistake or not – they’ll use any information you provide to strengthen their case against you. It’s critical that you don’t give the IRS anything more than they are legally entitled to demand.”

Nick Nemeth is an excellent tax lawyer and leads his firm, all members of which focus on tax law, in the DFW metro area. They work to assist business owners and taxpayers struggling with an IRS dispute. Click here to read the whole article.

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About Nick Nemeth:

Nick Nemeth founded Dallas’ Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, where resolving IRS problems goes far beyond saving clients money. With more than 15 years of experience in law, the best-selling author’s sole focus is on helping individuals and businesses conquer their distressing tax problems. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth focus on IRS tax problems and one of the most common reasons clients come to Nemeth is for delinquent tax returns.

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