Nick Nemeth, A Dallas Tax Attorney, Has Just Added A New Blog To His Website Offering Valuable IRS Tax Controversy Information

The Founder of a Dallas Tax Law Firm, Nick Nemeth, shares important information that taxpayers need to know.

Dallas, TX – August 15, 2014– Attorney and leader of a highly respected Dallas and Fort Worth Tax Law Firm, Nick Nemeth, has added a blog entry to his IRS blog which is hosted on his website. The blog, titled “IRS Tax Controversy: Don’t Let Your IRS Dispute Ruin Your Life” provides key information for his readers.

Nemeth writes, “An IRS dispute is every taxpayer’s worse nightmare. The IRS is a powerful, intimidating agency – and they’ll do whatever it takes to collect every last penny from taxpayers. The agency has the power to go after your bank accounts, to garnish your paycheck, to shut down your business, and even to throw you in jail in certain circumstances.

Below are four things you need to know in order to put your IRS controversy behind you.

1. IRS programs can help you save money and settle your debt. If you owe a large sum to the IRS, you’re probably overwhelmed and panicked. It can often seem impossible to come up with everything you owe to the agency. The good news is that in many cases, you can actually settle your tax debt for less than the original amount. A tax attorney can help you review your specific situation and discuss whether you qualify.

2. Failure to take action only makes your situation worse. No taxpayer wants to deal with an IRS dispute, and the common first reaction for many people is simply to ignore the matter and hope it goes away. But this NEVER happens with the IRS… and the longer you wait, the higher the penalties get. So take action immediately.

3. Only give the IRS the information that they request – and no more. Many people attempt to go “above and beyond” in order to comply with the IRS. But giving the IRS more information than they’ve asked for only opens the door to additional scrutiny. So don’t do it!”

Dallas Tax lawyer Nick Nemeth and his associated lawyers in the Dallas Fort Worth region are skilled at practicing tax law. They focus their work on aiding businesses and individuals as they work through their life-altering IRS disputes.

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About Nick Nemeth:

Nick Nemeth founded Dallas’ Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, where resolving IRS problems goes far beyond saving clients money. With more than 15 years of experience in law, the best-selling author’s sole focus is on helping individuals and businesses conquer their distressing tax problems. The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth focus on IRS tax problems and one of the most common reasons clients come to Nemeth is for delinquent tax returns.

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