New York Fitness Guru Michael Shaw Promises “16 Weeks to the Best Shape of Your Life”

On Line and In House, Owner Of New York Personal Training Is Re–branding To Implement His Revolutionary New Body and Life Transforming Program

New York, NY – January 7, 2014 – Driven by his commitment to innovative training and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Shaw has been thinking outside the box and constantly re-defining the parameters of personal fitness since launching his career at Cross Training Fitness Studio (CTFS), a small start up in Short Hills, New Jersey in 1993.

With his new hallmark philosophy “16 Weeks To The Best Shape Of Your Life,” the owner of the Manhattan based New York Personal Training (NYPT) has created a system so powerful and revolutionary that its initial success has inspired him to renovate his studio and re-focus his long-range business plan to facilitate the rebranding of NYPT. The program encompasses four modules of training and nutrition, each focused on optimizing his clients’ hormones and building lean muscle.

After spending the first half of his Forties competing as a triathlete, Shaw recently hung up his running sneakers and swim trunks in favor of returning to his bodybuilding roots. Realizing that bodybuilding is different when you’re 45 than when you’re 30, Shaw poured over every piece of research on muscle building and fat burning that he could find. As he says, “The body knows it’s not 30, even if the ego does not.” Through his research, he began to develop the “16 Weeks” Program.

Shaw is hard at work revamping his website to enable fitness enthusiasts from across the globe to join his coven of age defying devotees through NYPT’s new subscription based virtual training studio. Depending on the specifics of their personal program, clients will pay between $20-100 per month…less than the cost of one personal training session. Each full training and nutrition program will include video tutorials detailing every exercise that Shaw’s clients perform during each training session. As with his Studio based clients, the NYPT virtual clients provide their entire health history and recent body composition assessment, as well as state their goals and agree to their personal “Plan of Action.”

Shaw laughs when he thinks about the intense technology he’s implementing to bring “16 Weeks To The Best Shape of Your Life” to the world. When he started the business, he didn’t have a website for the first 18 months. He was all about grass roots then, hitting the streets in the summer and handing out ice cold bottles of water with flyers inviting people to come in for a free trial. “The new website will become the center of the NYPT universe – an interactive community where clients can encourage and challenge each other, and ultimately toast to each of their successes.” The new website is expected to be live by March 2014.

The “16 Weeks Program,” follows NYPT’s decade long tradition of providing a multi-faceted array of programs for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. NYPT will continue to offer their tried and true programs – 30’ leanMAXX High Intensity Training, Buff Bride Wedding Workouts, and custom tailored training, all of which will implement the hormone optimization principles that are now the staple of NYPT. Based on his research, through which he discovered that the best way to effect change in the body is to optimize its hormones (testosterone/estrogen, insulin, cortisol, leptin), Shaw believes that his “16 Weeks” program can be successful for everyone – and adaptable to all levels and challenges.

While the science behind the plan is very technical, the essence is simple. When people diet conventionally, they may lose weight immediately, but they are burning muscle and losing water weight because the body is changing quickly. The hormone leptin, which is connected to fat burning, becomes suppressed with the sudden weight loss that accompanies most diet plans, so the body stops burning fat. In other words, that initial weight loss may seem exciting but it may actually cause the body NOT to burn fat.

Shaw’s other accolades include competing as an amateur bodybuilder; 2nd place 1997 Mario Strong Eastern Regional, 4th place 1997 Mr. Universe Amateur; completing four Spartan races; and raising thousands of dollars for Lymphoma and Leukemia research by participating in and completing the 2012 and 2013 NYC Aquaphor Triathlon as a member of the fundraising organization Team in Training.

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